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Stroller for 2u2

So I just found out that I am pregnant and our kids will be 23 months apart. We currently have a Snap N Go for the infant car seat and the BJCM GT. We rarely use our GT since 80% of the time, we are only taking LO out to eat at restaurants or grocery stores so he's in the grocery cart or a high chair. We do like to take walks in our neighborhood which is when we use the stroller the most. I also plan to baby wear the infant for at least the first year so LO will be 3 by the time both kids will be in strollers.

Do I need a stroller that could accommodate two kids? If so, would you recommend a double stroller (two kids side by side) or something like the BJ select?

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Re: Stroller for 2u2

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    You will at some point, although early on a lot of times DH was with me so we used our G-luxe and SnG at the same time. Or I wore the baby.

    Edit: For short trips like the pharmacy I just use the SnG now since DS wants to walk. They are 19 mos apart.

    However, I did like taking the boys out for walks after work in the neighborhood and I got a Valco Snap Dual that I love. It's side by side, but it's only 3 inches wider than the BJ City Select & weighs 22 lbs. I think it's a lot easier than my G-luxe to use. Has a 1 handed push, is newborn rated, & it does well just about anywhere. Look it up on You Tube.
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  • It really depends on your kids.. if the older one likes to walk all the time you may want to re-think a double stroller. That being said, even if baby-wearing is preferred, you WILL find yourself at times wanting to put both in the stroller (trips to the mall, trying on clothes, etc.). My two are two years apart as well; we have the Bumbleride Indie Twin and LOVE this stroller. I also baby-wear a lot, too! But what I love about the Bumbleride is that it's side-by-side, narrow for most doorways, all-terrain, and each seat can adjust separately. That means each child can have their own individual recline..this is awesome because all I have to do is recline one side all the way down and my newborn can lay down in there--no car seat needed! Of course if you want to attach your car seat, you can do that as well..I personally prefer to lay the baby down because I heard it's better for their growing back. The canopies on this stroller are AMAZING. It is a larger stroller, so keep that in mind. But if you find yourself outdoors a lot it's perfect! Very smooth ride even over rough terrain. I've taken it to the mall with no problems as well. There's a generous sized basket underneath too. Anyway, that's my stroller recommendation!
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  • We went with the B ready for two that will be almost 2.5 years apart. I liked that you could still fold it with the second seat attached, use it as a single if needed, and wasn't as wide as a side by side!
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  • Sell your GT and get the Select
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  • I think you might use a double stroller in the first year more than you think.  Take into consideration that not all babies love carriers, and if it's hot out, baby carriers aren't always ideal.  Also, if the baby falls asleep in the car seat, you might not want to wake him/her to strap into a carrier.  But, since your older child probably won't use a stroller much past the age of 3, it would probably be wise to go with a tandem double, so you can use it as a single stroller (or a single with a glider board), instead of always having to maneuver a side-by-side double.  I think the Britax B-Ready and the BJ City Select are both great tandem double options.
  • Thanks everyone! Lots to think about. I think I might wait until the baby gets here and then see if we really need a double stroller before purchasing anything. I appreciate all your input!

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  • we have a 2 year old, will be 2 1/2 when baby arrives and we just got the City Select with the second seat. We had a city mini and decided to sell that and get the select. Long term, it makes so much more sense. You can have a single or double depending on what you're doing. 
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  • My LOs are 14 months apart. Add me to the Bumbleride Indie Twin club. It is the most awesome stroller. I did a ton of researched and made myself sick trying to decide. It fits through the narrowest if doorways. I use it for walking, trips to the zoo, shopping. It is our main stroller.
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