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I am new to this board, but need some support. I am a teacher and DD has been having a hard time transitioning back to daycare after winter break, she is 1 year old. We went through this phase around 7 months, but she was doing awesome after that. Then after break she would cry everytime her provider left the room to get a bottle or to get another child from their nap. She had a long werkend home with us this past weekend, I was off Monday and daycare was closed and she was home for her birthday yesterday. DH took the day off months ago not knowing this phase was going to come back. She was awesome all weekend and let us leave the room to get something without fussing. I thought maybe the phase was over, but as soon as I dropped her off she started crying. The look she gave me broke my heart with tears coming down her face and made me feel awful for leaving and working. I know it is not her provider because she was doing great and used to not care when I left. She used to literally crawl away to play and not look back. Please tell me this phase will end soon and it gets better. It is so hard to be at work right now. :(
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  • Every kid, regardless of age, has trouble with transition when they are thrown off their routine. When my kids went back to DC after a 10day winter break, it took a full week to get back in the swing of things. Just give it time and she will readjust. Good luck!
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