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NWMR: car set & crib question for a 2 year old

Hi ladies - my DS just turned 2, and I am due with LO #2 in 5 weeks. I have two quick questions for the more experienced Mommies:

1) DS is currently FF in his car seat on the passenger side. Should I switch him to the driver's side and have the infant car seat behind the passenger? My only logic for this is me being able to see them both easier in the rear view mirror when I am driving.

2) When should I try moving DS to a big boy bed? We dont need his crib, so that isnt a reason, but is there a suggested time frame? He isnt crawling out of his crib yet, so again, there isnt a rush, I just didnt know if there was a suggested age.

Apologies for the bonehead questions. I blame pregnancy brain.


Re: NWMR: car set & crib question for a 2 year old

  • I don't think there is necessarily a right or wrong answer to either question, but I can tell you what we did.  Our kids are 2.5 years apart.

    1.  We moved DD's seat behind the driver side, but mainly because DH is tall and the infant seat RFing takes up too much room behind the driver's seat when he's driving.  It would have been NBD for me either way, and I can easily see both kids in the rear view mirror.

    2.  For both of our kids we moved them a little before age 2 because they were/are big kids and active sleepers and kept bonking around in the crib and waking themselves up.  They were much more comfortable once we moved them to big kid beds.  No need to change it if the crib is still working for you, though! 
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  • 1) yes would move your 2yo car seat behind the driver and keep the baby behind the passenger

    2) there is no steadfast rule on when to move. I would say if he is not climbing out of the crib them leave it alone until he pushes the issue. my nephews both moved at 3 and had no problems with the transition. (would say thats later than most tho)

  • 1 - Do you parallel park a lot?  I would want the toddler on the sidewalk/passenger side so you load them while the baby is in the bucket seat on the ground.  Then you walk around, drop the bucket into the base and you are off.  If that's a non issue, then just whatever you feel is easiest. Statistically actually the driver and passenger side are equal in safety.  Only the middle is slightly safer.  

    2 - We just changed our crib to the toddler bed a couple weeks ago but only because DD was climbing out.  I would have happily left her in the crib longer had she not been getting out.  I am all for enjoying the confinement of the crib for as long as possible.  Also, not much worse than waking up with your toddler to put them back in bed when you have a newborn.  YUCK!
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  • DD had just turned 2 when I had DS.  I put her car seat on the passenger's side because I figured I could leave DS in a stroller or his car seat while I strapped DD in.  I was a little concerned about strapping in the baby and leaving her standing alone on the side walk.  She's very active and not the best listener.

    I would leave your son in the crib as long as he's happy.  He'll have enough to adjust to with the baby, and you'll be getting a lot less sleep.  If one of your children is sleeping well right now, leave it alone.
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