Clothing sizes.

Do you think it took longer for your baby to move up in clothing sizes or no? I had a 27 weeker and he weighed 2lbs 3oz, he's now 39 weeks gestational weighing 7lbs 6oz and in newborn clothes. My mom keeps trying to buy him 0-3 month clothes because she thinks he'll be in them soon but his bones are still tiny looking so I doubt it. What were your experiences?
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Re: Clothing sizes.

  • DD always wore the size she was age wise.  She wore NB until 3 months.  3month clothes until 6months, etc.  She is almost 22months now and wearing 18 months.  
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  • I think it's ALL over the place for babies, preemies or not. We've stayed close to the Carter's sizing (i.e., at 12m adjusted, we're in 9m and 12m sizes) -- both of our girls are towards the bottom of the weight/height ratio charts based on their adjusted age. That said, I have moms on my BMB (based on my original due date -- so adjusted age compared) with babies in 2T. Which is ridiculous for me to comprehend. Babies can start off really low on the growth curve and make up quickly later, and vice versa. Basically, there's no rule or rhyme or reason to any of this. ;)
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  • We've been close to actual age sizing like mmooki. Ds is 19m actual/17 adjusted and he wears 18-24 m. He's skinny so 24 m pants don't stay on but tall so he needs 24 for one piece pjs.

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  • Jacobs due date was this past Sunday. I estimate he weighs over 8 pounds now. Most of the newborn onesies don't fit anymore and many of his sleepers are getting tight. I put him Into 3 month outfit today, it's a little large. I wouldn't go crazy with newborn outfits since he's so close to 8 pounds.
  • DS was born at 34w6d weighing 4lbs5oz and just under 19 inches. He grows out of clothes by length before they get tight on him.  He wore a preemie outfit home from the NICU and slept in a couple preemie sleeping gowns at first, but otherwise was in NB stuff because the preemie outfits we had were mostly too short for him.  The NB stuff was loose, but at least the snaps on the onesies closed. He was in 3-6 stuff at just under 3 months old. He's 5 and half months now and I just switched him to 6-9m clothes because his onesies were getting too short again.  
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    My DD is 13 months and is still in 9 months clothing although she can sometimes wear 12 months. She is 10% length and 25% for weight. 

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  • Ditto what people mentioned above but I also noticed difference by brand. I find that the just one carters that they sell at Target seem to run a little smaller than the Carters from their store.
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  • Ditto all the PPs. This will vary so much from baby to baby. Our experience was that we reached the size  at the high end of the "age" size. So she was in Preemie/NB for a few months, then at 3 months old was in 0-3, at 6 monts old moved to 3-6, etc. Also every clothing brand is different.
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  • Thanks ladies! It's just hard to judge because technically he's supposed to still be in my belly. His due dates the 26th of this month but he was born 13 weeks early.
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  • My daughter was 2lbs 13 ounces at birth. Preemie clothes didn't fit for about a month, she was born at 33 weeks. We had a small celebration when she moved into newborn clothes! She's now 11 months and wears 6month clothes and size two pampers. 13.5 lbs. People buy her stuff way to big! When it finally fits its out if season. I still put her in them at the house and take a pic when they fit. Lol
  • DD was born at  34 weeks weighing 4lbs 1oz. She wore preemie clothes until 2 mths and then newborn until maybe 5 mths? Anyways, she will be 1 on Valentines day and wea re wearing 3-6 months but most of those have some room to grow. The 3 month clothes were just getting too short.  We were way off of her actual age. I hate it that so many clothes that people gave us are off season and aren't going to be worn.

  • My twins were 33 and 6 and while in the NICU at smallest were 2 pounds 14 oz and 3 pounds 2 oz they are now 10 1/2 weeks so adjusted age is 4 1/2 weeks. They are 6 pounds 14 oz and 8 pounds 4 oz the smaller one is still in preemie and swimming in NB size the other one is just I between preemie and NB he can wear both. But there skeletal structure is some much more fragile and tiny compared to a full term 4 weeker my oldest DS was more "hearty" at 4 weeks he weighed around the same but was in 0-3 by that point. My preemies hit weights on time but seem so much smaller if that makes any sense so they are always lagging behind in jumping up clothes sizes.

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  • Nia was 5lb 15oz. 4weeks still in NB, I actually just put a 0-3mo on her, fits but huge around her thighs. She was a month early. Still in NB diapers also. For me old navy NB clothes fit her perfectly.
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