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Return to work not so good, help!

Hi All!  I'm new to this board and just wanted to get some opinions on my current issue... 

I just returned to work after maternity leave a few weeks ago and my job is a total disaster.  I manage a team of 3 and in my absence, 2 quit.  I had a temp covering my position but he did not keep up with things because I came back to piles of overdo work.  I'm frantically trying to catch up and recruit for the two open positions but my company has been historically slow in hiring new people and my boss is incredibly picky so I'm worried it will be months before we find replacements and in the meantime, the workload is going to be very difficult. 

My question is, should I consider seeking out a new position or should I stick it out?  I feel bad leaving the company since there are already so many vacancies and I also am not sure if it's a smart idea to start a new job while I'm still trying to adjust to being a new working mom.  (When I start a new job, I like to devote a lot of time and focus to it, learning about the company, etc and I don't think I will be able to do that with my new role as a mom.)

Let me know what you think, any advice/opinions are appreciated! TIA!

Re: Return to work not so good, help!

  • Personally, I would stick it out since you know the ropes.  To help you with recruiting for your picky boss can you have HR screen a LOT of candidates to come in so s(he) has a lot of options and can choose quicker?  I know the workload sucks, but bit by bit it will get done and I'd rather get through that than be the newbie proving myself at a new place with such major adjustment at home.  Also, it could take as long for you to find a new job as it could to fill the positions you have open.  The work could pile up more also if you are taking time off to interview.  I'd see how it pans out in the next couple of months.

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  • I agree with PP.  I'd also have a conversation with your boss about realistic expectations for your work to get done as you are down 2 team members and having to catch up on a lot the temp left behind for you.  It's one thing to tell your boss they need to hire someone ASAP.  It's another to lay out all of the reasoning behind that so they see it isn't just a request from you because you are just coming back from your leave and trying to catch up.  Perhaps that will help light a fire under your boss to get someone on board more quickly for you as well.
  • Thanks everyone for your advice!  It's a good point that it would probably take me a few months to find a good new opportunity and by then, hopefully we can get the positions filled.  I have taken the lead on recruiting- working with HR to review resumes and schedule interviews, which is great because my boss usually wants to control that step as well.  Hopefully we can get the roles filled a little faster than usual. 
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