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Water breaking in bed

I thought about buying a waterproof mattress pad in case my water breaks during the night. For now, I put a couple towels underneath my mattress pad. Is it worth it to buy a waterproof pad or do you think the towels will work to avoid ruining the mattress? Thanks!

Re: Water breaking in bed

  • I hated the full size mattress cover that we put on when I was pregnant with DS... and my water did actually break with home, though thankful while I was on the toilet, lol. Quite convenient really.

    With DD1 I didn't put it back on, because it made it SO hot for DH and I to sleep on.

    I just remembered that I have a waterproof pad that used to be in DS's crib... we went through a period just before he moved to a bed where his diaper was leaking all the time. I think I'll put that on as a just in case. It's big enough to cover my side, but won't bug DH. Keep that in mind as an option to purchase... at least you'll be able to get more use out of it down the road.
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  • My first pregnancy my water did break while I was in bed sleeping-but I woke up and flew out of bed to the bathroom before it hit the mattress. Not quite sure how I managed this but I did. That being said last time I slept with trash bags under me and this time I've been sleeping with a large one of those waterproof pads you put in the baby's crib underneath me just in case.
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  • I'm going to do towels and a garbage bag. Last time my water broke in the middle of the night while I was sleeping on our leather couch.
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  • DH and I are currently discussing the trash-bag-bed option for me, and having an immature giggle fit. I roll over and fidget like a billion times in the night, do you think it'd crinkle and make a ton of noise? Even if it does, I love our mattress so much, I'd hate to blast it with amniotic fluid if I can avoid it. 
  • We have a pad on the bed. Between dh sweating when he over heats at night, kids who have climbed into bed and puked or peed on us, and when I have once or twice started my period in the night, it has totally saved the mattress. And it's a quilted comfy one so not some weird noisy plastic bag.

  • We got some larger waterproof pads for our impending bean, so I just used one of those. It's thin and feels flannely, not crinkly. It's big enough that it will work if my water breaks in bed. It's under the sheet but on top of the mattress pad. I don't notice it at all.
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  • Thanks, OP, for posting this!! DH and I just started discussing this yesterday. :) Thank you, ladies, for all of the ideas & tips!
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    I'm not too concerned. I figure it's a low percentage of women who have their water break outside the hospital and for many women it's more of a slow leak. With #1 my water broke in the hospital as I started pushing. Of course, now that I say this, I'm sure my water will break in bed and soak the mattress this time :)
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  • My water broke with baby #1 in bed in the middle of the night. I was not prepared for it and I didn't have towels or waterproof pad at all. Looking back, it wasn't that bad. Our bed wasn't ruined. I totally expected a big ugly stain but it wasn't bad as the fluid was basically clear. Maybe there wasn't that much water.

    I guess I never felt like we needed a waterproof pad. Our DD has never slept in our bed. We've never brought her into our bed in the MOTN to sleep. We didn't want to encourage bad habits.
  • We have one our mattress and it already paid for itself. I put a full 32 oz. water bottle on the bed without realizing the cap wasn't closed one night before bed. Went to brush my teeth and wash my face and was about to get in bed when I realized almost the entire comforter was soaked and there was a giant puddle in the bed! Amazingly DH didn't wake up until I woke him and told him I needed to strip the bed ASAP. I got everything gathered and in the washing machine with only minor dripage. Considering we spent a grand on the mattress set, I was patting myself on the back for thinking to buy that $100 waterproof cover that seemed so expensive at the time.
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  • Our childbirth instructor also mentioned buying a cheap plastic tablecloth from somewhere like the dollar store.

  • Another huge fan of the waterproof mattress pad - it'll help with all sorts of "leakage" issues from head to toe. 

  • I bought a shower curtain at Ikea for $4 and put it under my regular mattress pad. 
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  • My water broke in the middle of the night too with my first. Fortunately I jumped up and managed to avoid soaking the mattress. This time I took one of DS's waterproof pads and put it on our mattress just in case. For you it might be worth the investment. Even if you don't end up needing/using it now. At some point you will have a child who is potty training.
  • I don't think it's needed. Mine broke on the couch. I was keeping a towel there. I felt a pop, grabbed the towel, and nothing got on the couch. I recommend a towel.



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  • My water broke in bed last time and I just had towels down and they worked perfect. The towels caught everything...

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  • I got a waterproof mattress cover, only cost £13 and is really good. I figure a new mattress will cost a lot more and be needed at a time when I don't really want to organise it!
  • If my water broke in bed there is no way I could jump out of the pillow fort I sleep in!! Plus I want a new mattress so I have no motivation to move quickly. Is that wrong of me?
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  • @JammersC exactly!!! Here's to our water breaking in bed! Lol
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  • I just stuck a couple extra large puppy pads under my mattress pad today. We already had them for the dog. Not sure if this will be enough protection but i figured it's better than nothing right?
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