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bottle sterilizers

any helpful advice? 

some tell me to shy away from microwaving. the only 2 i see popular are the dr browns and the avent and both reviews are awful!!!

help please!

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Re: bottle sterilizers

  • we just boiled them in a pot of water. Last thing we needed was more baby stuff around. 
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  • I used the microwave steam bags last time and didn't have any issues with sterilizing bottles, although I would not recommend putting any thin or flexible plastic/rubber items in the microwave bags (breast pump shields and valves/membranes, for instance) because they can sometimes warp.  The steam bags are super-easy, super-fast, and took up no space.  Boiling also works, but takes more time (we only did that every once in awhile or with stuff that was brand new).  If you have a dishwasher, the heat dry at the end of the cycle will also sterilize.
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  • I used the Munchkin one from Walmart. It was on sale for $12 when I got it. It was a microwave one & worked fine.
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  • I also used the microwave bags made my Medela. You can boil on the stove too and skip the gear if you want. The bags are good for 20 uses each and have spots to mark that you have used them.
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  • Dishwasher? I never sterilize things after the first time. I run them through the dishwasher or just hand wash. I wouldn't waste my money
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  • You just need to sterilize them before the very first use.  A big pot of boiling water does the trick.  This is yet another useless baby item.
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  • thanks for all the insight!!  i was thinking it might be a waste but my family gave me weird looks when i told them i didn't think i needed them.

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    Our little IVF miracle born 5/7/2014
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