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Time off/Sick Time Structure?

I'm curious what others PTO/Sick Time structure is.

Here we have one "pool" of vacation/sick time - so the amount is just one number and you pull from that as you use time, no matter what it's for (sick or vacation). 

0-4 years you get 19 days
5-9 years you get 24
10+ you get 29   I think that's as high as it goes

I worked here from 2004-2007 and then came back this past December.  Luckily my first 3 years here still count but I'm currently in the 0-19 group and it seems so low. I'm praying the kids aren't sick all the time so I don't use it on that.  

What is your time off/sick time allotted like? 

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Re: Time off/Sick Time Structure?

  • It is separate where I work. I have never worked anywhere w/ the PTO type leave (vs separate sick & vacation time) but I know it is pretty common. It does stink when you're having to use it for kids though :(.

    On a similar note, I had a job once where everyone got their bday as a paid holiday ;) .  (and if it was on a sat/sun you got fri or mon.)
  • We get 4.9hrs per paycheck, so around ~127hrs/ yr. You get more hours with years of service, maxing out at 8hrs for people that have been there 25+ years. We have one PTO bank that is used for both vacation and sick leave. We also get 6 paid holidays.



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  • We also have a pool of sick/vacation PTO that is accrued on a monthly basis. You start at 12 hours per month and that increases yearly until you hit 15 hours per month. That's where I'm at - 15 - which works out to 4.5 weeks a year. Our accrued PTO rolls over year to year up to a certain point. 
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  • At my new company, I get 3 weeks vacation.  In addition, I am given three floating holidays in addition to standard company holidays.  For my illnesses, I get five per year without having to really explain myself and I also get 5 family/personal days from which I am supposed to use for my kids sick days.

    Having said all that, it is all on an honor system and enforced in a very manager specific manner.  My manager recognizes that I put in extra hours so he is pretty flexible.  For example, I asked for a half PTO day today for a community service project with my son.  He told me not to worry about counting it in the yearly pool. 

  • I'm a teacher so I have school vacations off. I get 19 sick days and 5 of them can be used as personal days. We a,so get emergency "non renewing" sick days that accrue with longevity, to use for maternity leave or extended medical leave.
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  • I accrue 10 hrs of sick and 10 hrs of vacation each month, so 3 weeks of each total per year. These hours carry over to the next year. There is a limit but its higher than I'll probably ever reach! And I get 24 hrs of personal time each year which does not carry over. These accrual amounts started when I hit 5 years of employment.


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  • We have one bucket of PTO at my job too. My last job was 17 days per year, which is tooooo little. My new job is 21 days per year, with the option of carrying over up to 5 days. You can also opt to "buy" an additional 5 days of PTO.
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  • We get 10 sick days a year that can also be used if your kid is sick, but they don't roll over. Then we have vacation based in years of service. I get 19 days a year. We get all stock market holidays and we have a bank of 8 hours that can be used for school meetings/functions that cannot be scheduled outside the work day.

    My last 2 jobs had PTO that was for sick days and vacation, so this is very different for me.
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  • I'm another teacher.  Our school is a bit different.  We get 6 fully paid sick/personal days.  Then 6 more at 3/4 pay, 6 more at 1/2 pay, and 6 at 1/4 pay.  After that it would be unpaid.  

    Though, I've never really had to use more than 1 or 2 days a year. I'm sure that'll change once my LO is here though :)  Luckily, they're flexible about us leaving if we're not teaching.  So I haven't had to miss any work for doctor's visits as I just take them during my prep periods.

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    We get 4 hours of sick time every pay period (every 2 weeks) no matter how long we've been here.  For vacation days, 0-3 years, 4 hours per pay period, 3-15 years, 6 hours per pay period, and over 15 years, 8 hours per pay period.  We can accrue as much sick leave as we want, but can only carry over 240 hours of vacation from year to year.   

    This for me as well. Also for any time over 40 hours we work per week we accrue credit time which we can use like annual leave. We cannot carry over more than 24 hours of credit time at the end of a pay period.

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  • I get 2 weeks of PTO (sick plus vacation) a year.  I'm not sure if they roll over because last year was the first year I had that time and I used my 2 weeks for maternity leave.

    I feel like it is a small amount but luckily DH has a lot of sick/vacation and usually takes off when the kids are sick.
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  • We get 4 hours of sick time every pay period (every 2 weeks) no matter how long we've been here.  For vacation days, 0-3 years, 4 hours per pay period, 3-15 years, 6 hours per pay period, and over 15 years, 8 hours per pay period.  We can accrue as much sick leave as we want, but can only carry over 240 hours of vacation from year to year.   

    Ahhhh, government work.  This is also what I receive.  It adds up to 13 sick days a year and almost 4 weeks of vacation time, although next year I hit 15 years and will begin to earn over 5 weeks of vacation. 

    Since we don't have any paid maternity leave or short-term disability I have been very careful in using my leave because I've needed it to take my maternity leaves.  Without having taken four of them I would be swimming in sick leave as I don't call in sick more than one or two days a year.

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  • I work in a private school and we are totally on the honor system. The policy is that if your kid is sick and you need to take off, you take off. Same if you are sick. If you need to take a day for a wedding or a funeral, you do so. It is understood that no one will abuse these policies, and the fact that your coworkers might have to cover your class when you are out keeps people pretty honest. The good part is I will most likely never go unpaid. The bad part is vacations that are not around school holidays are never gonna happen!!
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  • We have one pool too. We get three weeks and two weeks for holiday time, since we are required to work holidays. This has been a big adjustment for me. My last employer offered 26 weeks of sick time at 100%, and I am not talking std or ltd. It was amazing. You weren't a jerk for utilizing the time either. Of course, I never used all the alloted time.

  • We get a pool of 15 days starting on January 1. Nothing else throughout the year so I just hope and pray every year they if dd is ill toward the end of the year I have time left.
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  • My PTO is sick/vacation/personal. I get 20 hours a month, so 240 a year which is 6 weeks. I also get 5 holidays and 3 conference days. My PTO can accumulate to 320 hours.

    I work in a hospital as a nurse practitioner.

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