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Monday Morning Vents

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  • No vents for me today.  :-)  Usually I despise Monday mornings but today DH is off so he and DD went to the supermarket bright and early so I have the morning to myself.  And although I do have work today (most teachers I know have off) it's an inservice so it's a nice break from the students and I get a longer lunch than usual so I'm going out to lunch with my friends.
    The only thing that would make this day better was if I didn't have to go to work.

    [Deleted User]litzo27LoCarb
  • I'm having a very whiny day. DH has today off. He's supposed to finishing clearing all his crap out of what will be the new nursery, but I have no confidence he will actually do it. (Tho my threatening to hire movers to come do it has lit a fire under his tush.)

    We had new furniture delivered over the weekend, and in laws came over to help. Then stayed and stayed and stayed. I put DD to bed, but she could hear Daddy talking so wanted him. It took forever. Then, bc in laws are deaf as posts, DH and his mom were talking loudly enough to keep disturbing her. She was fretting in her sleep, and MIL kept asking if she could go get the baby bc I'm obviously such a terrible, uncaring, and incompetent mother that I wouldn't know the difference between mumbled "will you people shut up down there" and actual cries that need attention. So I'm still pissed at her. It didn't help that DH told me she kept making comments about how long it was taking me to get DD down that evening and whether she needed to go help me. Wtf ? I put my baby to bed every night without MIL's help, and she's a great sleeper.

    I have to prep my CEO today for a meeting with a governor, which means I had to move my OB appt, and they were snotty about it. The timing means my odds of getting to eat lunch are virtually nil, so I'm going to go into the meeting with my CEO at less than my best. And he's kind of a bear anyway.

    Again, whine whine whine. I hate when I feel this way. Thanks for letting me vent.
  • DS's first day of daycare. Sad.
    Daniel ~ October 21, 2013

  • Not much going on here, my only whine is that I have to work today wah.  My boss is driving back from WI so he won't be back in the office until 2 pm.  Why even come? I get that I have to be here to answer phones and such but I wish I had more holidays off. 

  • I just realized today that a CS payment was missed last week. Which probably means he quit his job. Which would be whatever if I didn't kind of rely on the funds. Ugh, I'm just really annoyed.


  • Just bummed that I have a lot of friends/family that are off today and I'm not.  FWP.
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    [Deleted User]
  • I'm late, but here goes...
    DS is sick and on medication that makes him hyper. I'm exhausted. He was in the hospital last Wed. night for croup, and that was super stressful.
    I woke up with Bell's Palsy New Year's morning, and the left half of my face is paralyzed. That virus spread to my left eye so it is dilated. No one can tell me when it will get better. I spent Friday night in the ER to make sure I wasn't having a stroke. No stroke, thank God, but that makes 2 ER visits for me (this visit and the original Bell's Palsy diagnosis) plus an ambulance ride and overnight stay for DS so far in 2014. It's only January 21st. The bills will come. Sigh.

    My dad just started cancer treatment on Saturday. Praying like crazy that it works.

    Please, life, calm down!!
  • @sugarbear0524 - I am so sorry! Yeah, you definitely get the crappiest January so far award. I hope DS gets better real soon and I'm so sorry about the Bell's Palsy - a good friend of mine got it and I know the toll it takes, physically and emotionally, just to have your face paralyzed like that. And best of luck to your dad!
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  • Litzo--Thanks for the support. Your boys are adorable! Good luck with #3!
  • I am 5 weeks away from delivering my second and sleep is of course eluding me, LOL.I know it will not get better when baby gets here but I want to sleep on my back damiit, LOL

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