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Colin Kaepernick - what do you think?

Am I the only person who can't stand this guy?  Someone told me the other day that he looks like a douche but because his ridiculous number of tattoos are religious and he doesn't talk smack like a lot of the other unlikeable people in the NFL (like the Seahawks and their roided-up secondary) that I should like him, but no, I can't stand him.

Last week's press conference where he is wearing his hat backwards and to the side while wearing headphones with tape over the logo (because it's not from the company that he is paid to endorse) is really all anyone should ever have to see to not like him.

I will also say that I was kind of jaded already. I can't stand Harbaugh's childish antics and crying about every obvious false start call.  While I won't question Kaep's upside is probably higher than that of Alex Smith, he doesn't seem likeable to me.

Re: Colin Kaepernick - what do you think?

  • I don't know if my opinion counts cuz I have a uterus, but I like Kaep. But I also like the Niners (second to the Pack), soo...
  • I am still not sure what to think of the Packers.  I liked them when Favre was there, then they had such a messy divorce that it was hard to like the organization.  Years later it was clear that Favre was indeed the bad guy in all that, but damn does Aaron Rodgers look terrible in that stupid mustache!  I still can't decide how I feel.
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  • I would take Rogers over Favre any day. He should have just left instead of toying us around. He pitted fans against each other. It became Favre fans vs Packer fans here. Everyone has moved on now though, and Rogers is great.
  • It seems like everyone who leaves the Packers has something snide to say about Aaron Rodgers.  I wonder how he will exit when the time comes.
  • I'm pretty meh on Kaepernick. I mostly only care about how well he plays football, to be honest. Off the field stuff doesn't really interest me until it becomes really horrible like being involved in Dog Fighting.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • Quite frankly, even with the postseason wins, I haven't been that impressed with him as a passer either.  The kind of stuff he did that got him in trouble yesterday were pretty routine all year.  The first interception he threw has to be the worst decision I have ever seen a QB make, and that's after watching a lot of Favre and postseason Peyton Manning
  • I am all Packer fan, so it is hard for me to think of anything positive to say about anyone in the 49ers organization.  But I will try.

    Purely, as a QB, I think that Kaepernick is a freak athlete who provides a lot of problems for most defenses.  He owns the Packers because our secondary is among the worst, and our D-Line provides no pass rush.  For a QB like Colin, that is fools gold that makes him look like an elite QB.  His ability to run and improvise destroys teams that cannot cover in spaces in the defensive backfield, and cannot pressure the QB, like Green Bay.

    He has some maturity issues.  I do not know if that comes from his background.  He was born here in Milwaukee and given up for adoption by his birthmother, even after her parents offered to raise him to keep him a member of their family.  As an adopted child myself, I am sure that a lot of emotions are still there for this still young man.  I think that is the chip on the shoulder that kind of rubs everyone the wrong way.  He has every right to mouth off and be chippy out there, but then he needs to understand that those antics are going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, and he may get labeled something that he is not.

    As far as the Favre v. Rodgers debate.  It is not even close in my mind.  Rodgers, by far, is the better quarterback.  Favre brought winning back to this organization, and he will always be remembered for that.  But Favre also put a lot of people under the bus for his own ego and selfish needs.  There are so many selfish, petty things Brett and his wife did upon leaving that this state really felt betrayed by them.  This state raised millions of dollars for Deanne when she went through her breast cancer battle, and for them to talk smack about Green Bay and the rest of the state when he was Viking was close to unforgiveable for a lot of people in these parts.

    But Favre is not half the QB that Rodgers is, from a technical, mechanics point of view.


  • The parts with Rodman were the best!!


  • Kaep's tattoos do not bother me.  I wouldn't do it, but that is me.  I am indifferent towards him.  He hasn't done anything to make me dislike him, but don't have any vested interest in the guy either.  He can play football fairly well, but my interest is in the Colts, and since we beat the 49ers this year, I have no particular reason to have a strong opinion on him one way or another.
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