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lack of response, IVF might get canceled

I am on day 10 of stims (now at 300 Gonal-f, 3 units Menopur, 1 unit Antagon)...7 follicles today: 15, 13, 12, 11, 11, 9, 9, 8.  My AFC was 14, so we're down to half and they are thinking MAYBE the 5 largest MIGHT be okay.  My retrieval got bumped back.  Here's the thing - our diagnosis was strictly MFI.  My AMH was around 1.3, all labs were normal.  The director of the center said today they will cancel the cycle if I have less than 4 follicles next time.

My siggy is messed up - here's my info:
me - 33, DH - 41 
IVF #1 2008 due to severe MFI: 22 ER, 21 fert, 3 day transfer of two embryos (8A and 8B), 3 frosties; BFP= DD#1
Spontaneous pregnancies - DD#2 (2011), DD#3 (2012)
FET #1 - may 2013 - single blast transfer - BFN
FET #2 - August 2013 - two blasts transferred - BFN
IVF #2 - Jan 2014 due to MFI (see above, feeling discouraged!)

TIA, I know I am beyond blessed to have 3 DDs.  It's just an emotional journey driving 400 miles round-trip to the REI each appt (we're military) and expecting double digit eggs, looking at possible cancellation :(

Me – 33 (no diagnosis), DH – 41 (MFI)

IVF #1/ICSI 2008 – 22 ER, 21 F, Day 3 transfer (8A and 8B) - BFP, 3 Frosties

Surprise BFP 2010

Surprise BFP 2011

Shipped frosties from TX to VA in 2012

FET #1 May 2013, single blast – BFN

FET #2 August 2013 2 blasts – BFN

IVF #2/ICSI/AH Jan 2014 – 8 ER, 7M, 6 F Day 3 transfer (grade 2 & 3), no frosties - BFP!

Re: lack of response, IVF might get canceled

  • I'm really sorry. Your cycle sounds a bit similar to my first IVF attempt. I was only 29 and had a phenomenal response to IUI meds, so they assumed I'd be a fantastic responder and put me on a low dose antagonist protocol with a Lupron trigger. I got a dominant follicle and had an awful response. The RE said we were looking at a possible 0% fert rate. I had a lifetime max on my insurance benefits and retrieval would have gotten us up there, so we canceled on trigger day. We ended up triggering and moving right into a Lupron Stop protocol (which was unsuccessful, but got us up to 14 eggs and 9 embryos). We did another Lupron Stop protocol with a med adjustment and got 17 eggs and 16 embryos. My boys are the result of that cycle. 

    I was unexplained, so there was no way they'd know how I'd respond, but they think we have horrific embryo quality issues (we never got any frosties, despite amazing fert rates and good blast percentages...they just weren't good enough quality to meet the freezing guidelines). Plus, in the year and a half I was with my RE, my FSH went up and my AFC started to decline. My RE said I didn't have the luxury of spacing future children since things were going downhill at such an alarming rate. But, I strongly believe a protocol adjustment can make all the difference for so many women. It just sucks that it takes thousands of dollars and tons of frustration to figure that out! 

    Anyway, I really hope you get a pleasant surprise at your next monitoring appointment. But, if not, maybe a different protocol could be a better fit. Hoping for a great outcome!
    TTC in 2009, Dx: Unexplained IF
    Three TI cycles (BFP...miscarriage), five IUI attempts and 2.5 IVF cycles later...BFP!!
    12dp5dt: 765; 15dp5dt: 1979; 17dp5dt: 3379...TWINS!!!!!
    Our perfect baby boys were born at 36w1d!! 

  • I'm sorry about the possible cancellation. We drive pretty far to our RE and cycling is so hard, especially with other children in the mix.

    If you do have to cancel and decide to cycle again, I would ask to start with higher doses for sure. I was 24 and 27 with our cycles, strictly MFI dx, my numbers were great. I ended up needing max doses (450) of gonal f both times plus some hcg and stimmed for quite a while. Good luck!
    DX: Severe MFI 
    IVF # 1 ~ Antagonist ~ ER 1/27/11~ ET 1/30/11 ~ + HPT 7dp3dt 
    DD born med-free on 10/24/11 
    Lilypie - (lZjk)
    IVF # 2 ~Antagonist ~ ER 6/5/13 ~ ET 6/10/13 ~ + HPT 4dp5dt 
    Lilypie - (OUlo)

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    We were supposed to be just MFI but then I didn't respond to stims on our first attempt and I had a low AFC to start. I was cancelled after 9d of stims. I think I had just one follie that was going to make it. This time around I think my AFC was either 11 or 14 but I still only ended up with 3 being 18mm or greater. I was on max doses of menopur the first go around and then on DHEA to try to improve things round 2 where I was on menopur and puregon. As much as getting cancelled sucks it did mean we got most of our money back because we didn't make it to ER and that allowed for some more investigating and planning and the finances to try again. I certainly don't wish getting cancelled for you but just wanted to put that out there to consider.

    ETA: my cd3 hormone levels have always been normal.
  • Hugs, we were very close to being cancelled. Instead we ended up with a three day transfer and no frosties. Not at all what we expected. We got J as a result, so it was totally worth continuing! Fx for you!
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    Me-36, Unexplained Infertility, DH-35, all clear
    Clomid 50mg 12/2011 = BFN
    Clomid 100mg 1/2012 = BFN, with Cyst
    IVF #1 Lupron/Menopur/Gonal-f/HCG Trigger
    ER 4/19/12 = 11 retrieved, 6 fertilized,
    ET 4/22/12 = 2 transfered (day 3), remaining 3 weren't good enough to freeze
    Beta 5/3 = BFP, 87 Beta #2 5/7 560.9 Beta #3 5/9 1376.5 First u/s One Baby, 125bpm!
    Second u/s, 176bmp! Kicked over to the OB by the RE at 8w. Team Green!! 
    Baby girl J arrived two weeks early! Born into water, med-free. Hooray for Team Pink!

    TTC #2 - back to the RE, treatment started 12/2014. 

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