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NWMR - Career Change - Resume Ideas

Currently my job is essentially inside sales/sales support.  I provide a lot of technical information on my product as well as a lot of mundane paperwork processing type stuff and follow-up with customers.  I provide competitive information to help our distributors sell the product.

I am ready to move onto the next step.  I want to be an outside sales rep/account manager.  I have done bits & pieces of this type of job in the past 5 years due to staffing shortages    My family is relocating in the near future so I feel this is a good time to make the career change since I will need to look for a new job either within my current company or with a new company since I will not be permitted to do my current job from home.  

How do I communicate this on a resume?  I was looking at latest information on resumes & it appears that objectives are outdated.  Is there some way that I could work this into the summary?  

Re: NWMR - Career Change - Resume Ideas

  • I would mainly down-play your title and emphasize your experience that fits the jobs you want. The cover letter is the best place to say you're looking for a job that will challenge you and allow you to be an account manager or outside sales rep or whatever. I'm not a fan of summaries and objectives etc. I generally skip those things and jump to "what jobs has this person had, what have they accomplished in those jobs, are they a good fit experience-wise for what I need." I figure your objective is to get the job you sent me your resume for. Lol.
  • Thank you both for the advice.  It is very helpful & appreciated.

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