Staying Positive

Lately, hubby and I have had a little trouble being positive in our adoption journey. We've had several friends announce pregnancies or gender reveals in the past two weeks which we're super excited about for them, but it just reminds us how our arms are still empty.

What is everyone else doing to stay positive and focused on the fact that it will happen when the time is right?
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Re: Staying Positive

  • I was terrible about staying positive, but my husband was good at focusing on enjoying our time alone as a couple. He would always emphasize how we had to do things now because we wouldn't be able to for awhile once our child got here. This was good a good approach because it 1. kept us distracted by fun things and 2. We spoke about having a child as a certainty. Even though nothing is a certainty, speaking about it positively was emotionally helpful.
  • Strawberryglobug . Lately there have been a lot of people announcing and it seems sometimes to be a bit overwhelming. I agree with the PP's husband about focusing on now time as a couple.

    I try to remember that it won't be like this for long and someday I will wish for these quiet days. I will usually go do something that would be impossible/hard to do with a kid ( one of my go-tos is to take long bath, or read a book on my kindle) This usually takes my mind of it and is an activity that I enjoy. Also, as my friends with children can attest to, quiet baths and kindle reading is pretty rare once baby comes along.

     I hope the others have some more ideas for you.

    Hoping your wait is short :)



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