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Intro and Bottle Refusal

Hey Working Moms! I have just joined your ranks! My DD was born 7/22 (same as Whatshisface in England....the heir to some throne =) ). I was able to stay home a bit longer with her and she just started DC this week. 

Unfortunately I'm dealing with bottle refusal and a stubborn little sweetie. She used to take a bottle (Avent), but now won't take one at all from DC, me or Dad. What in the what? Then she confuses me further by taking 1.5oz from me in her carseat yesterday. I've tried Avent, Dr. Browns, and Ventaire. I've tried fresh pumped milk and formula (even Pedialyte). Nothing.

Have any of you conquered this?

Also, I'm sorry to be a drive by and ask a question. If you're more of a get to know us group, let me know! I'll start lurking to get a feel for the board as well.
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Re: Intro and Bottle Refusal

  • DS was BF and took a wide mouth bottle a few times, then suddenly started refusing the bottle completely.  I tried a bunch of different brands, but then tried the standard/narrow nipped Dr. Brown bottles and he took those well.  Eventually I just used the Dr. Brown nipples on the cheapie evenflo bottles, because it was the narrow nipple he liked.  This was also the case with another BF baby in DS's daycare.  She wasn't drinking much at all during the day and they suggested she try the same thing I had done.  Definitely helped.
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  • I have not experienced this but do you have a forceful letdown normally? I'm wondering if the flow of the nipple is too slow and she is being impatient. Sorry you are going through that. How frustrating. PS: Welcome! my DS was born on the 23rd : )
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