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Question for Insurance Underwriters -- Interview HELP!!

I have an interview question to email to the VP of an underwriting company for a position I applied for and I am needing some help. I am an insurance agent, but am looking to move into the underwriting arena. He is wanting me to explain to him why I could not get him the binder he needed on time... Any moms in the insurance industry have any tips to help? 
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Re: Question for Insurance Underwriters -- Interview HELP!!

  • I am in the insurance industry (yay! lol ) however I don't think I understand your question. Are you just answering a generalized interview question? Or did he legitimately need an insurance binder from you that was not supplied on time?
  • @MissmaeisbeforeJune

    He is wanting something hypothetical. Verbatim from the email is as follows

    "By 5pm Monday January 20th, please send me a email explaining why the binder that was due to me on Friday January 17th was late."
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  • This is what I have written so far. I'm not sure if I'm totally off course here, or where exactly I should be going with this. I am a customer service junky and I have a need to explain myself and make people feel at ease when something like this happens anyways, but since I didn't deal with a lot of commercial, I feel lost.... here we go!

    "I apologize for the delay of the receipt of your binder, I appreciate your patience. Due to the appraisal of the building, and the fair condition of the building from the photos sent in by the client, we had to re assess the liability amount requested. After further review of the building, previous policy risk and the overall current business risk we have approved the original request. "
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    As this is for an insurance underwriting compay specifically I would use my knowledge of insurance business best practices to answer the question (personally). Something as follows (this might be a little too specific but hey - I work in life insurance):

    "I apologize for the delay in providing you with this binder. However, in the best interest of the company I had to further inquire about Customer X's recent medical records. After extensive review I am confident that this is a good risk and have attached the insurance binder as previously requested. In the future I will provide you with my notes prior to any further inquiry as to not be seen as late in providing documentation."

    This may not be completely applicable to the position or company you're applying for since it could be a P&C insurance underwriting situtation but I think it could be tweeked to work for that as well. :)



  • That sounds awesome!! Now I just need to find my commercial book to brush up a bit, lol!! :)
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  • Best of luck in your interview!!
  • Thank you very much!
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