Mini cribs?

I just painted the child's room and need to go shopping for furniture. I was set to purchase a day bed from ikea which converts to a double bed (idea being this room can be used as guest room until placement) and purchase a separate crib. We have opted to foster ages 0-5. My SIL is lending me one of her pack n plays for now. I just learned what a mini crib is and I really like the idea of that which converts to a twin. The room is small 13x6.5 (old house from 1800s=small rooms.) Would you get a mini crib with day bed or just mini and convert if placed with older child?
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Re: Mini cribs?

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    Not sure if this helps but we got a full size crib that converts to a toddler bed and then converts to a full bed. That is what we have for our son and wanted them to match. It was only about $125 from Walmart and good quality and I figure it fits any age we get (we are 1-4).
    ETA: I re-read your question and think the crib to twin is a good idea since many skip the toddler bed and just go to a twin though I have never seen a mini crib and don't know if a kid can be in one until they are ready for a twin.
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  • We had a mini crib for the first two months but then switched it out for a full size crib.  Our LO's kinda big and he was already touching the sides of the crib if he stretched his arms out.  We also couldn't find sheets the right size for the mini crib, so the normal sized sheets were a bit of a pain and always coming loose.  We are planning to just go right to a normal twin bed when he's ready to move out of the crib, so we didn't look into the convertible options - sorry I'm no help there.  It sounds like the flexibility of easily switching it up would be good for you though if you get a quick placement of an older child.
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  • I'm not really a fan of mini cribs.  I would probably do a convertible crib that can do crib/toddler/full OR just do a twin & a PNP until you get a kiddo.  I will, say, though, that I am a fan of letting a mattress "off gas" before using it.  Would you have room to store a mattress under the twin or in a closet?  Sorry if overly complicated!

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