XP: Anyone familar with Ft. lauderdale area? — The Bump

XP: Anyone familar with Ft. lauderdale area?

We have a family event in Boynton Beach in April and just blew all of our frequent flyer miles to book the family flight. (Aye, keep saying that is what those miles are for right??). We are going from Thurs and returning Sunday early with the event on Saturday. We would like to find someplace reasonable to stay but with a pool and near or on the beach since we're making it a mini vacation. DH wanted to drive to the keys but honestly, DD is a bit of a hot mess in the car after a while and after the long flight, i predict a meltdown.

Any cool little towns or sections within under an hour of the ft. lauderdale airport that you know of (or can advise to skip!)? We have only ever been through ft. lauderdale on the way to the keys but never stuck around that area for more than a quick overnight. Thanks!!

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