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A safe pacifier?

Pregnant and debating on if to use a paci and if so which one? Opinions? Looking for non-toxic and non-plastic.

Re: A safe pacifier?

  • natural rubber pacifiers will be your best option. plenty of brands to choose from. : ) But you don't want to start using too early if you are breastfeeding...most rec waiting a month at least
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  • There are many silicone passys! But from my experience, I recommend you use one! I was told LO may get nipple confusion if we had him take one. So we waited a month after birth to introduce it but by then he had no interest and now I am making up for it! Blahhhh. He is pretty fussy and it is hard to calm him without giving him the boob
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  • DD never really took to a pacifier... but I never really encouraged it either.  She was full term, but preemie sized and I wanted to make sure I didn't inadvertently miss any feedings.  Even if that meant MIL nagging at me to give her one because she 'couldn't possibly be hungry all the time'.
    I'm not opposed to them.  It just wasn't right for her.  We'll see what happens with this one.

    I'm thinking of getting one of these to have on hand: 


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  • Natursutten are great, but to be honest, I find the size and shape of the nipples in the pacifiers are all different and some babies take to certain ones, and you have to keep trying different ones, at different stages, it seems.  Don't be afraid to go with silicone, but clean/ sterilize them often, and always make sure that they're not water-logged, or full of moisture with mold growing afterwards.  Throw them out and get new ones like every 6 weeks.  (Which is great if your baby takes to the natural rubber ones, environmentally-speaking).
  • I have heard good things about the Natursutten one, but haven't used it.
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