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IGNORE, I figured it out: Do I call the MFM/Perinatologist myself?

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Hey ladies -
Sorry for the random log in, but I totally forgot my old password.

Our very last FET seems (fingers crossed) like a sticky one.  I'm 7w2d today.  Scheduled to be released after u/s on Feb. 6.  My OB can't see me until 2/19 at which point I'll be 12w.  I am 38yo and with DS (who is about to be three) I was also sent to an MFM who did all the advanced testing (NT scan etc...).  Knowing the NT window is 11-13w, do I call the MFM on my own to try and schedule an appt?  Do I leave a msg for my OB (who is rad, but who I really haven't seen since my post-delivery check up - paps done by the NP)?

We did PGS, so in *theory* I know this LO didn't start out with any genetic difficulties ... but I also know there's more they look for in an NT.  I liked my MFM, didn't LOVE her, but she's OK.  Would not want to "trade" her for my OB though, if that makes sense. . . ?

Thoughts from the experts??
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