Had Mat21 testing, the exhaustion is over (hooray!) and, No! I'm not having twins :) — The Bump
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Had Mat21 testing, the exhaustion is over (hooray!) and, No! I'm not having twins :)

Hi ladies!!  The holidays and all guests have left so I can get back to my life :)

I had my Maternit21 testing on Monday and my 1st OB appointment with my new doctor on Tuesday.  I absolutely LOVED her and it was such a different experience than my 1st doctor.  I wanted to give her a hug when I left but I thought that might be weird - LOL.

She did ask if I had an early u/s to confirm that I only have one baby cooking in here….this is the second doctor who has asked once they examined me (the perinatalogist asked as well).  I was so paranoid I spent an hour of DS's nap time Googling "missed twins".  I carrying very high for being so early and I have a noticeable "bump".  I'm only 10 weeks! I'm glad its winter so I can hide it a bit more easily.  

And the best news….the debilitating, crushing exhaustion of early pregnancy has lifted!!  Woot!!

Anyway, that's the latest with me and this LO.  I'm going to read though some posts and catch up with you guys now:)

Oh, also.  I'm convinced it is a girl this time.  Or maybe I'm just really hopeful but my gut is telling me that this is a girl. 
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Re: Had Mat21 testing, the exhaustion is over (hooray!) and, No! I'm not having twins :)

  • Glad you like the new doc and that your exhaustion is letting up.

    First-time mom, 35+, parenting after a loss (mmc Oct. 2012 @ 8 wks), ttc for a year after loss

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  • Ooh, it is so nice when that fatigue lifts. Are you finding out the sex via your MaterniT21?

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  • Congrats!  Are you perhaps a few weeks further along than originally thought?  Just an idea bc of  the exhuastion lifting and your bump as you say being noticable...
  • Congrats! Glad the exhaustion is over for you!
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  • Glad to hear you are feeling good and are happy with your new doctor!  Hope you get happy results from that Mat21 test soon!
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