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Hello all!! I am new to this site and I am hoping to find some women that are going through or have gone through what we are. I am 26 years old and my fiance' is 44. I am in perfect health, he has low morphology. We did 3 unsuccessful rounds of IUI's after trying 6 months on our own. The doc said my egg and his sperm very simply don't want to do the dance. We moved forward with our first round of IVF. We had a 3 day transfer on 1/10/14 (2 embryos grade A), I am now 4 days past transfer. I go in in 1/22/14 for my blood test..this happens to be the same day as our wedding. What a great wedding gift right? Well, as long as it is positive it will be! After a little research I have found 4 days past transfer is the start of implantation. I am feeling completely normal today. Is there anyone out there that has had a successful first round of IVF? What were your symptoms leading up to the BFP? How many embryos were transferred how many implanted? Did you experience implantation cramps or bleeding? Looking for any and all info please! Thank you and baby dust to all :)

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  • I had success on IVF #1 and I know there are others who have as well.

    Our DX Was MFI - (low in all three areas)..... and IVF was the one and only treatment we ever did.

    We put back one embryo - a 5 day transfer.  Ironically on day 4 I had a dull cramp in my ovary area all day and it was the first time I felt turned off by some foods. However both of these were MILD. So mild that if not for IVF they could and most likely would go unoticed. I'm not even sure if it was just a coincidence or from the meds etc. Ironically 5 days post transfer both were gone.

    DO NOT ready into symptoms or lack there of symptoms. People get BFP's with tons of symptoms and people get them with none.

    Tons of good luck coming your way and congrats on your marriage :)

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  • With my first IVF cycle I had absolutely no early symptoms and got a BFP. Unfortunately I m/c at 9 weeks. With my second IVF I had no early symptoms except bright red bleeding from about 10dp3dt on and off until the end of the first tri. When the bleeding started I was convinced it was AF so I took a HPT just to make sure it was a BFN before drowning my sorrows in to bottle of wine. Imagine my surprise when I got a BFP! DS was born 9 months later. With my FET I just had a sense that I was pregnant. I can't explain it but I just knew. I took a FRER and got a BFP. It turns out I was pregnant with twins. My m/s started around 5 weeks and the symptoms were pretty strong from then on.

    I guess my point is that every pregnancy is different but I don't put much stock in early pregnancy symptoms. Especially during an IVF cycle when you are on progesterone. (Progesterone side effects can mimic early pregnancy symptoms.) Wishing you the very best of luck with your cycle!
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  • Agree with PP that every pregnancy is different but I know it does help to read success stories. I got pregnant with our first IVF and am currently rocking the sweet girl that it resulted in. I had some weird crampy-type feelings in my ute and did spot some during my 2ww. It was awful. But I didn't have anything else really. And like I said - ended up with a successful pregnancy. Best wishes to you!! Congrats on your upcoming marriage too!
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  • We did a three day transfer of two embies. I have one sweet snugly baby next to me! I didn't test, but I felt about 5 min of evening nausea the two nights before my beta. I chalked it up to all the progesterone.

    Good luck on your wedding, beta, and congrats on your marriage. 
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  • We did IVF with ICSI because of my husband's male factor infertility. I had a tiny bit of cramping and very light spotting (like on TP when I wiped), but that's it. And honestly, I chalk all that up to my paying extra attention to find symptoms. I have a friend who did IVF and had zero symptoms and had a BFP as well. Good luck!

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