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Has anyone had a biopsy done in their breasts?

Went to the dr today for a breast exam to leave finding out i had to get an ultrasound. I then find out after the ultrasound that I need to get two fibroade nomas biopsied.  I'm so nervous and can't seem to relax. Anyone have this done? 

Re: Has anyone had a biopsy done in their breasts?

  • No advice, but sending T&Ps your way.
    IVF, acupuncture, meditation and a miracle. 


     Our sweet Valentine's Day FET.


  • No advice, but lots of Ts and Ps!
    TTC in 2009, Dx: Unexplained IF
    Three TI cycles (BFP...miscarriage), five IUI attempts and 2.5 IVF cycles later...BFP!!
    12dp5dt: 765; 15dp5dt: 1979; 17dp5dt: 3379...TWINS!!!!!
    Our perfect baby boys were born at 36w1d!! 

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  • Fibroadenomas are nothing, and some drs don't even recommend a biopsy. They're probably doing it just to be on the safe side.


    I had a radial scar biopsied last fall. PITA, but it turned out to be nothing. They can't tell from imaging whether they're cancer or not, so a biopsy was in my future either way.


    Sending good thoughts.

  • Well they aren't sure mine are def that which is why they are doing biopsies - so nervous
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