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HCG Test: How Long for Results?

I had bleeding over the weekend and went in Monday for a HCG test and then going back today for my second HCG test so they can see if the baby is still growing or if I miscarried.  Does anyone know how long it can take to get the results back? I am taking the test at Quest Diagnostics and they are sending the results to my OB...It's been a long week waiting and just want piece of mind one way or another...

Re: HCG Test: How Long for Results?

  • It can be pretty quick depending on the lab. Since they sent your results to your OB, they may be waiting to call you till they get that second number in. The change/doubling time is what they're looking for so the individual numbers might not do much to ease your mind at this point. Good luck!
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  • I do my bloodwork at my doctor's office and then it is sent to a lab.  I have the results by the next morning - however, like PP said, your doctor may be waiting on the 2nd results until they call.


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  • Do any of you ladies know if there is another name for the HCG test? I had a blood draw yesterday and the HCG is not on that list.
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  • @AFwifelife I'm just compeletly clueless. I thought everyone got a Beta draw.


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  • I get mine back same day.
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  • I got mine back same day, but had it taken at my RE's office.
  • It depends on many factors, how busy is the lab, is it registered on site or is it drawn and then sent to the lab to be registered, with quest I think it is registered right then.  Also is it ordered stat or routine.  In the lab I work at once the beta is put on the line it takes 1/2 hour to run the test but even if you are drawn in the am it could be 10 pm before the test is run depending on those factors and more I didn't list.  Also it typically takes a little while before the dr gets the results to then pass them onto you.  Our turn around time is typically 24 hrs for a routine blood draw before the dr will get the lab results.

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  • Agree with previous posters. My HCGs were run by my REs office in-house and blood drawn before 11am was always in the computer by 5pm. That was part of the daily routine at that office though, morning blood draws followed by afternoon call backs. My OBs office doesn't draw in-house and doesn't have a set schedule for call backs- its just whenever the nurse/doc gets to it during the day.

    If you have to wait for a tech to receive/send the results, and a nurse/doc to receive them, and to have time to read them and then call back- it could take a full business day to come back.
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  • mayalopez said:

    @AFwifelife I'm just compeletly clueless. I thought everyone got a Beta draw.


    I have never had a beta test.

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  • It only took a day to get my HCG results.
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  • This goes along with the HCG results tests...does rest have anything to do with numbers? I had my first draw yesterday and then they are drawing blood again tomorrow afternoon. I'm at work and doing my normal schedule, should I be like laying down? Or does taking it easy have ANYTHING to do with the levels? Sorry, this is my first pregnancy, I know nothing!
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