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How do you use bathroom in public?

I'm new to this potty training, but I'm going to be starting soon with my almost 3 year old. I have a small potty at home he uses at times.. I guess I need an actual attached seat too maybe for downstairs. But what do you do when you are somewhat potty trained and you're out and need to use bathroom? The toilets are big.. Do you bring something with you that fits on seat? I really have no idea. My son is afraid of big potty.. And wouldn't fit anyway. Thank you!!

Re: How do you use bathroom in public?

  • They make little travel potty seats that fit on full sized toilets but they are for little bottoms. You pick it right up after use and some can even be folded up after use. Personally this didn't appeal to me. Partly because my son likes to stand to pee and happens to be tall enough to reach all the way into the potty. So we just stand. But I do know many parents who use those travel ones.
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