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10 month sleep issues!!

Ok gang so here is my issue:

I started a full-time job after being home with DD since birth. Now she loves the babysitter, sleeps well and eats great for her all day long. Now at night, she is like a sleep monster!!


Every night this week she has had a terrible time sleeping. I know she has a tooth coming in on the top but I don't know what to do!! I brought her into bed with me last night just to keep her calm but she tossed and cried off and on ALL night!! DH ended up sleeping in another room because all DD did was sprawl out and roll.


Any idea what this could be? Anyone else experiencing this? PLEASE HELP!!

Re: 10 month sleep issues!!

  • For the teething, I would try some baby motrin.  It might help with some teething pain and allow her to sleep better.  I hope it gets better for you!
  • thanks! we have been giving her either advil or motrin (whatever we have).
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  • so last night DD slept from 10:30-1:30. drank 1/2 oz and slept until 445am. then took a 3.5oz and woke up at 8am.

    so at least we got SOME sleep. we still need more.

  • We had the same problem a few weeks ago.  Then DD started walking...
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  • Do you nurse? It could be reverse cycling. Make sure that baby is getting plenty or milk or formula during the day. She also might just be clingy because she is missing you and not seeing you much during the day. When I went back to work (around 4 months), R was previously sleeping through the night but stopped doing it for several months until we introduced soilds. At this point, it's a crap shoot.


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