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My son turns 4 in the summer and I had thought about renting a snow machine to make snow. We live in AZ and it's hotter than hot here in June and thought the kids would love to be able to play in the snow, since we don't see any here. There are only 2 or 3 rental places for them and I haven't gotten any response, but was curious if anyone has ever used one and if so, how does it all work, do they supply everything? TIA.

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  • I thought it has to be cold enough to make snow? Or is that just the snow they make on the mountains for skiing?
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  • I don't know if it works the same with rental places, but my son's school just had a "snow day" today.  We're in California, so it's not especially cold here (in fact, I didn't think the snow would stick to the ground, but it did!).  They brought in 3.5 tons of ice and put it through a wood chipper which created a great snowy play space for the kids. 

    I had to work, so I missed out, but DH went and the snow lasted for a couple of hours while he was there.
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  • Not sure but sounds like fun-I'm in MA no shortage here :)
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  • I just went to one of these in Phoenix! It was 75 degrees. The snow people pulled up and blew 3 tons of snow right on the driveway. The kids had a blast. They had a huge machine and made snow from bags of ice. It was a brilliant idea!
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