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How are you organizing the little things?

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Re: How are you organizing the little things?

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    right now the socks + mittens are stuffed into an old wipes container. Easy to stuff in the hole, easy top take out by opening the lid. I also have an old shoe shelf thing that hangs from the closet bar that I'm going to use for other small things. Weirdly enough I have a bunch of these too on the top shelf of my closet. Closed ones are my crafts, but I'll likely fold the front flap open (and tuck it) and throw other baby stuff in those.
    Random but I think I might also use one of these for hanging baby pants + blankets. just stuff it in the hole.

    This stuff is all my random leftovers from Ikea lol
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  • Do you have an IKEA near you? I use these:
    image image
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  • i just use little bins in DD's top drawer. A bigger one for socks, one for tights, one for bows, then a miscellaneous one for random stuff. None have tops on them so I can just reach in and grab what i need. For her shoes and things I don't use every day (bathing suits, swim coverups, gloves, hats, etc) I have one of those little 3 drawer plastic containers that I keep in her closet. I've also found it convenient to keep a large vaccum bag (I can't think of the name of them, but you seal them then suck the air out so they shrink for storage) in DD's closet. So when a piece of clothing gets too small, I just toss it in the bag so it doesn't stay mixed in with her normal clothes. Once the bag is full, I label it with the size(s) it contains, shrink it down, and move it to the attic for storage. They get crazy wrinkled but I figure whoever I give them to will be washing them before using anyway!
  • I bought the multiple pack of SKUBB from Ikea

    at 7.99 and easy to wipe down, just in case, they work great for dividing up age ranges for onesies and socks, etc. Also they fit together perfectly to fill my drawers and collapse for storage at any point.
  • @kstar83 - that's what I bought too! It's working great! 

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  • mittens, hats and socks got their own drawer and bibs and pacifiers got their own drawer

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  • thanks for reminding me of this! I just added this to my registry -
    (so far I just have everything I've received so far in a draw of a filing cabinet and a box. ha.)
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  • I have a peg board above the dresser/changing pad. I have headbands, lotion, brush, hand sanitizer, pacifiers, diaper rash cream, and stuff like that in the containers on the peg board. I used the peg board with my son too and loved it!

    I have drawer dividers from bed bath and beyond in the drawers to organize outfits, diapers, socks, hats, burp cloths, etc.

  • I am also planning to use the ikea boxes to separate items like bibs, onesies, pants, etc as well as diapers, wipes, lotions, and things. For hair bows and pacifiers I will you use two glass apothecary jars. The pics below are my inspiration!



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  • I have four narrow plastic bins (like dividers, but only a couple dollars at Target or Walmart). I can fit 4 of them across in the top drawer. I keep socks in one, hats and mittens in one, bibs in one, and hair bows in one.

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  • I use lidless shoeboxes to store socks in dresser drawers. Bibs are hung on the back of the high chair. Headbands go in a decorative basket and bows are hung on a ribbon that's hung on the closet wall.
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  • I utilized the shelves on her changing table. Each basket has different categories of things in it. As for her hair bows, I found this jewelry holder at Burlington coat factory and it works perfectly!

    (sorry the pic posted crooked)

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  • We bought the shelves at target and the bins at bed bath and beyond and put it in the closet. I like that I can label the bins :)
  • Clear 24 pocket shoe rack that hangs over the bedroom door.  When people are in the room, the door is usually always open.  So no one sees the clutter of it, but yet everything is right there within view and accessible.
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  • These are perfect!!
    lb1117 said:

    I have a change table with two drawers. I got this for the top drawer. 

    I also bought 2 sets of these: 

    Some are in my dresser, and some are in the cubbies of my change table. I can always get more if I want them. 

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