Visitors after c-section (RCS)

Moms who have already had an RCS - when do you think my 2.5 year old son and my inlaws should come visit?

My c-section is scheduled for 10am. My first one was an absolute blur and happened at 3am. I was originally thinking if I had the section at 10, they could come that afternoon - but do you think I should just tell them to hold off til the next morning? I will be so excited for my son to meet his new brother or sister...but I don't want to scare my toddler either (by looking like death or being really sick!)! Obviously we will work out the details on the day of, but I'm curious how long after your were able to accept the closest family to see you? Specifically, your other young child?
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Re: Visitors after c-section (RCS)

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  • Thanks! I was in labour for 4 days before my first and was a hot mess by the end, so I don't know what to expect with a planned section! Sounds much easier!
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  • I had an unplanned c-section@0200 after pushing for 6hrs, and my family came to see her right after the surgery. Then they left to give me some rest, but visitors came by that morning. I just could not move around bc I had been numbed from my rib cage to my toes. Good luck!
  • My DS was born at 11am and recovery and getting set in my room it didn't take that long. I had my in-laws bring my 3DD's at around 3 or 4 that afternoon. If everything goes according to plan you should have no problem with them coming that afternoon. I just had my in laws on standby and we called them when we were ready for them to come. Good luck!
  • My son came the afternoon of my c/s. It was an epic fail. He cried the whole time- not even sure he registered that the baby was there. I think he was scared about seeing me in the hospital bed with the IVs and all. It was enough that I have considered not letting the bigs come to the hospital at all this time but since they will be going to FL with my ILs just before I come home they wouldn't get to meet her for a whole week and that seems nuts. So I'm thinking the following day after all IVs and everything are out.






  • I had a scheduled csection. DD was born at 9.30am and it was around 2pm when MIL came over. I felt fine at that point. We just told her to wait at home and called her when we were ready. This gave us time to get out of recovery, get settled in our room and spend a little alone time with the baby.
  • I say no earlier than evening in case you are nauseous. Last time, I had to take tons of anti-nausea meds afterwards which made me very very sleepy and the morphine made me crazy itchy. I'm sure I looked and sounded like a freak but maybe I just react badly to surgery compared to most! LOL.


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  • Thanks for all the advice! I'll plan to have them on call and warn them it'll be late afternoon or early evening!
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  • I like visitors day of since I can't get out of bed anyway. The next day I was busy showering and starting to get up and around. My third was born just after 11am and my others ages 3and 6 came about 5 pm. I did not tell them in advance they would see us that day just in case I wasn't up to it.
  • DS1 was 27m when my twins were born in 2009.  My c/s was at 7:00 am.  We had IL's come to our house before we left at 5:00 so DS1 didn't have to be woken.  When he woke up and was fed they brought him up to visit, I'm sure it was before 12:00.  He was so bored so they only spent a small amount of time there and most of the time wasn't even in our room, they took him to see the fountain.  

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  • When E was born, the surgery was at 8am, and my family and toddler came by visit about 4pm. The visit went well. But when it was time for them to go, I felt emotional about my son not staying with us, spending the night with my parents, and I started to cry. Well, that hurt like HECK at my incision area. So have visitors as soon as you want... just don't cry when they leave.
  • My 14 mo old DD and the rest of our families were in the waiting room while I was having my c-section. I was allowed to see DD for two seconds on the way to my room. My DH went and got her as soon as we got DS latched, so we could have some bonding time. It was great!
  • I had an unplanned cs and we didn't tell anyone we were at the hospital just in case things went exactly the way they did. After my cs, I didn't see DS for 2 hours because he was in the nursery being bathed, etc with DH. It was hard enough bring by myself for that short time, and I would have been quite upset if all the ILs were there in the nursery bonding with him before I got to hold him. DH waited for me to call them. I was still pretty drugged up, but had visitors about 5 hours post op. I looked and sounded a bit groggy, but it wasn't alarming. I had a chance to put on a but of makeup and fix my hair.

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  • I had my RCS scheduled at 8am. Delivered by 8:50 and was in the recovery room by about 9:45 or so. I think I was settled in my room before noon, and I was already up and moving around by 4pm. My parents brought my then 2.5 YO to see her baby sister around 5pm. They were the only ones that visited that day though. I think you'd be fine with visitors on the first day, but I wouldn't go crazy.

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  • I just had my RCS two days ago. It's my 2nd RCS, 3rd c/s.

    Having an RCS versus an emergency or unscheduled c/s is very different.

    An RCS is very calm and so much easier than the chaotic mess of an unscheduled c/s and you don't feel nearly as haggard/tired.

    My RCS was at 7:30 am and my kids (5 and 2.5) came around 2 pm to see me and meet their new sister. I was a bit tired but overall I felt good and I was glad they came.
  • I had mine at 7 & was out of recovery & in my room by 8ish. My ds almost 2.5 yrs old was there by 9:30. But left around 10:45 for lunch & naptime. During that time i napped. I felt great! Tired yes but I had been up since 4:30.
    My ds did great with dd & was ok with me in the bed. We just explained that momma had to lay down. I didn't have visitors until that later in the afternoon. Dh just told everyone that I needed a nap.
    My planned csection went great compared to the 1st one! Good luck!!
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  • Thanks so much ladies! Love having your advice!
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  • If I tried to tell our family to not come to the hospital until the next day, they'd laugh in my face.  And I don't blame them. And I'd want DD there ASAP...

    Since your RCS is scheduled for 10, I think you'll be fine to have some visitors that late afternoon/ early evening.  My first CS didn't start till 1 and I had family in my room by 530 visiting.  They didn't stay long but they were able to come for a quick visit.  
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