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Remember my bedtime debacle..? (long, rambly)

So far I had just been working on building more independence, the bottle issue, getting DD1 into her own bed in our room, etc.
Last night, she said she wanted to sleep in DD2's room. (they will share a room--she's had a bed in there since we moved in).  And I finally agreed, slighly reluctant, because DD2 has her strict routine.  So they went to bed together at 730p and I was in utter shock that no one cried or ran from the room.  (dd2 is still in a crib--another issue i suppose lol).  
At 2am when DH was getting to leave for work, DD1 was in the bathroom, She woke DD2 up when she went I guess, so it was a 3 hour debacle with 2 more bathroom trips where they were awake from 2am to 5am.  Hello reminder of what it's like to have a newborn!  
She kind of didn't want to sleep in there tonight (and lets be honest, I kind of didn't want her to either lol) but DH told her she should try one more time..and 20 minutes into it she had to get up to use the bathroom and DD2 was awake, but hopefully the later part of the night goes better.  DD2 is a light sleeper and that doesn't help matters any.
I am insanely proud of the fact that my little emotionally stunted sensitive child who has to hold my hand to fall asleep and just got out of our bed a month ago has the ability to fall asleep by herself.  I guess we don't give her enough credit!  

(will update tomorrow--boy do I hate change!)
DD1(4):VSD & PFO (Closed!), Prenatal stroke, Mild CP, Delayed pyloric opening/reflux, Brachycephaly & Plagiocephaly, Sacral lipoma, Tethered spinal cord, Compound heterozygous MTHFR, Neurogenic bladder, Urinary retention & dyssynergia, incomplete emptying, enlarged Bladder with Poor Muscle Tone, EDS-Type 3. Mito-Disorder has been mentioned

DD2(2.5): Late term premie due to PTL, low fluid & IUGR, Reflux, delayed visual maturation, compound heteroygous MTHFR, PFAPA, Bilateral kidney reflux, Transient hypogammaglobulinemia, EDS-Type 3

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