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Is there actually anyone here?

I'm a FTM in Elkins, WV, originally from the Morgantown area. Is there actually anyone lurking here?
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Re: Is there actually anyone here?

  • Are u going to a dr in elkins 
  • Yes, I use Women's Health down by the hospital. I've been very pleased with the doctors there.
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  • I check it out every so often. This board is DEAD.


  • I do not recommend Women's Health Care to anyone I am going to Morgantown 
    With my last pregnancy I kept telling the Dr at Women's Health something was wrong and they would not listen to nothing I said my baby had downs syndrom and developed fetal hydrops I had to deliver in Morgantown at 24 weeks the babies heart had stopped beating.    I hope you have a better experience than I did 
  • I just found this board. I'm Bethany. I am from the Charleston area, but live in Beckley. I have an almost 13 month old girl. This board seems pretty dead, but was hoping to find some other moms.
  • I am in Elkins! I went to Associates for Women's Health through St. Joseph's Hospital. They have three midwives and two doctors who work on a rotating schedule. One of the midwives delivered my little one, and I had a wonderful birth experience.
  • I usually check this board out from time to time, very rarely see any new posts though. I live about 15 minutes away from Beckley. We're expecting # 3! 
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  • I just found this group I'm Keri this is number 4 and our third girl we found out the gender March 10 we go on the 23 for the mid term ultrasound we have been in Parkersburg for 4 years we have 18 year old who is going to West Liberty this fall through woman I go to church with my doctors are across bridge in Ohio
  • Here! Full time mom to my 2 stepkids but first time mommy to be....From the Eastern Panhandle (Falling Waters WV).
  • Hi all. Originally from southern WV, but now live in Berkeley county , WV. Due 10/18 with a boy. So excited to meet him.
    I have a 7 year old dd as well.
  • Mom of 4 soon to be 5. We live in clarksburg. I'm due October 7th but already having contractions so we will see if I make it
  • I live in the Huntington area!  I'm a step mom to 2 twin boys,  and a soon to be 1st time mom!! My due date is October 3rd and we just recently found out were having a baby girl! ! Since day 1 i have been seeing a dr from Valley Health, and he has been great! I love it there!  
  • This thread is pretty old but is anyone here now? I’ve just got a positive home test and  have an appointment to see my doctor next week. I’m in the Bridgeport/Fairmont area. 
  • I found another way to connect to awesome moms and moms to be in my area, feel free to check it out you might also like it and be able to make awesome connections too. https://peanut.app.link/0u1r079JUhb
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