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In a rut, need suggestions

DD is in therapy every week day (ASD, developmental delays), she is almost 3, but non-verbal. DH and I both work full time and I am alone with the kids in the evening (DS is 8.5 months, NT as far as we know). So pretty much weekdays are not a whole lot of fun other than a short window of time I have alone with the two kids to play before bed. Weekends are often spent catching up on chores and errands like grocery shopping.  I feel like we are in a rut and haven't spent much quality time out of the house lately. I feel bad for the kids being stuck in the house so much too with the weather.

I need some suggestions for family winter activities with little ones, one of which is developmentally delayed, non-verbal, but active with lots of energy, and a baby.  We tried the childrens museum, but weekends are so busy she was very overwhelmed and over-stimulated and had a meltdown. She loves indoor gyms, but that's the only thing I can think of to do. Thought about going to sensory friendly films, but DD has never been interested in TV and not sure if she would even watch it.

Second question - any suggestions for meal planning ideas for picky eaters, I feel like I mostly make pasta of some sort, pizza or PB&J every night, but want to try to get her to branch out.  She eats ground meats so I add in chili or naked burritos, but I am in a rut with meals too.


Re: In a rut, need suggestions

  • Except for the second child, I can relate. It's just DS, DH and I but I hate the feeling that we're living for the weekend. Weekdays we just "survive"- even DS said to me today as we were leaving "Don't you wish all days were Saturdays?!" DS is 5 and we just now joined a church and got him enrolled in Sunday School. It's a great way to get him into some more structure on the weekends, and DH and I have some time to reflect. It also gets us out of the house! We're in cold weather climate as well and especially when DS was little we frequented a large mall every weekend. Just to walk around or he could play in the indoor play area, and grab lunch. As he has gotten older he tolerates and now enjoys going to the YMCA each weekend. Ours has a really nice kids gym/indoor playground. DH and I get exercise and so does he- win-win. After we work out we'll play with him in the gym or in the pool. Other than that we pretty much just clean and do errands. I'm also looking for more structure for DS and just today emailed a parent of another kid in DS' ASD classroom asking her if her son does any activities that DS might enjoy (I'm thinking a kids gymnastics or tumbling class, or more swim lessons). Sometimes DH and I make an effort to break up the week with something "special" like a trip to the gym on a Wednesday night just to swim.

    My son is picky in that he only eats "kid" type foods. I do homemade chili, sloppy joes, spaghetti, tacos, quesadillas. Sadly DS does not usually eat with us- we feed him first- but I try to make him leftovers from the night before. Like I made an asian noodle salad for DH and I last night and I saved some of the pork to make tacos for DS tonight. I choose my battles. When my DH is the only one home he'll opt for chicken nuggets, Chef Boyardee (gross, but DS loves it), and the holy grail of mac and cheese. For this reason, I try to at least make him homemade stuff whenever I'm home.

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