VBAC After Twins?

I had a c-section with our twin girls, even though it was a healthy, full-term pregnancy because my doc recommended it.  I am considering a vaginal birth this time around, mostly because I want to experience real labor and not have to recover from an operation while caring for a newborn and two 6 year olds.  One consideration though is I am considering getting my tubes tied, which would mean a c-section might make more sense.  (I guess...)

What was your experience like with the VBAC?  Was it tough to convince your doctor to do it?
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Re: VBAC After Twins?

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    I had a c-section with my first and VBACs with my second and third, and both experiences went very smoothly. My doctors (I switched practices for baby 3 and saw quite a few doctors overall) were all very supportive of VBACs, but they all said that I was not a candidate for induction, so I had to go into labor on my own.

    I do know that some places are more VBAC-friendly than others, though, because my cousin couldn't find a doctor willing to do a VBAC (she's in Houston), while there some to be a ton in my area (Northern Virginia), so your location could be an issue.
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    I sought out a practice that is known for supporting VBAC. It's a big practice (20+ MW), and the hospital itself was nothing to write home about, but my experience was what I wanted. My MW was always very supportive of me, even when I was worried about not achieving a VBAC.

    Look up your local ICAN chapter and see if they can help you find VBAC-friendly providers in your area. https://www.ican-online.org/chapter/search

    If you've had a scheduled cs without going into labor, you should be fine, bc there's no reason not to assume you will have a straightforward vaginal birth.
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