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Support group for infertility in Baton Rouge

Hi…I am thinking of starting a weekly or bimonthly support group for women dealing with infertility. It would take place in Baton Rouge, and I'm trying to get a sense if there are enough women who would be interested to move forward. 

Re: Support group for infertility in Baton Rouge

  • I would totally come!
  • I like this idea!
    TTC 06/12
    Me- 27 Unexplained Infertility, DH- 29 Poor Morphology
    09/12- Clomid + TI = BFN
    11/12- DH had varicocele. No change. 
    06/13 IUI Cancelled due to premature ovulation. 
    08/13 IUI #1 -Clomid + HCG = BFN
    09/13 IUI # 2 - Clomid + HCG = BFN
    11/13 IUI #3 - Menopur + HCG = BFN
    2/14 IUI #4- Menopur + HCG = BFN
    Moving on to IVF. 1st Cycle starting June 2014

    photo ceb87159-9041-4c7e-9945-2c41309a9e8c.jpg
    March Siggy Challenge: DH and I cruised through a Tropical Storm to Cozumel, Mexico, got engaged, and swam with dolphins!
  • Sounds great! :)
  • I would love to participate!
  • I've recently gone to a support group in BR. Check out Sarah's laughter. I've met some great ladies.
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