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daycare centers in west philly

Hello! I'm due mid-July and am a PhD student at a university in west philly, so most of the time I am on campus either working or taking classes. Can anyone suggest any reputable daycare centers in that area?

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  • i don't have any specific recs..but have you looked to see if there is one affiliated with the university?  I know that the university i went to had one through their education department.... just a thought
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  • If you are at Penn, they have a daycare but it is one of the more expensive and the wait is very long.  There is also one at locust and 42nd.  Also pricey with a long wait but I liked it on the tour.  Check out the one at Baltimore and 45th I think?  I am blanking on the name, maybe Montgomery something....they were reasonably priced, still a long wait but popular with the academics in the area.
    Be forewarned, the good west philly daycares will run you around 400/week and the wait lists are often well over a year.  You may want to expand your search or look at in homes too.
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  • I'm going to second your advice. I'm a Penn employee and I am due in early July. Very long wait lists for Penn's daycare. I believe one of my colleagues mentioned The Caring Center at 31st and Spring Garden as a good option. 
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