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Anyone else in a post winter break regression funk?

Break should be in quotes. I am beyond happy that he's back in school because he does so well with the structure, but I'm not looking forward to the continued backlash on the homefront. I stashed every toy with wheels out of sight after I dropped him off this morning. Cannot take another preschool stream of consciousness barrage about the MBTA. 
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Re: Anyone else in a post winter break regression funk?

  • I'll let you know if our break ever ends ;)  They were back for one day on Thursday, and school has been cancelled because of weather since then.  Her anxiety had started to ramp up in the couple of days leading up to her first day back, but it's settled down again because winter break just keeps going on and on and on...

    I am so ready to be back in the normal routine!
  • Dear god let this winter break end... DS is at home (second day of cancelled school for us too) with DH, who is trying to work from home. Which translates to: DS is watching movies and playing Ipad games all.day.long. Like he did most of yesterday, and much of the weekend. This has got to stop. I fear for DS's teacher tomorrow, much more than I fear the 30 below wind chill.  You can only throw boiling water out the front door to watch it evaporate so many times before it gets boring.

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  • As a teacher, I love that I had two extra snow days, but DD1 NEEDS to go back to school soon!!!
  • This is one time I feel lucky I moved to Florida
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