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Elimination diet in 3rd tri?

Anyone else consider or go through with eliminating dairy from their diet during the 3rd trimester? My first DS had a MSPI that wasn't diagnosed until 6 weeks, he was totally miserable and it took until he was 3 months before I think we got all of the dairy/ soy out of both our systems (he was EBF). Thankfully he grew out of the MSPI by 1 year.

Fast forward to now, I'm expecting LO #2 in 5 weeks and am seriously considering eliminating at least dairy now. My midwife okayed the idea but I have had friends, who also had at least one LO with MSPI, tell me I'm nuts since every child is different. That said I can't bear the thought of putting another newborn through that (and dealing with it myself!) if I can avoid it.

I guess my question is for those with more than in kiddo, did you find both kids were sensitive to dairy/ soy? Think a preemptive elimination diet would be worth it?
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Re: Elimination diet in 3rd tri?

  • Only 1 kid here, but I plan on going dairy and soy free again during the 3rd trimester to get it out of my system by the time LO2 arrives.  I didn't find it difficult to be dairy and soy free for 9 months of my breastfeeding relationship with DD, so I don't mind doing it just in case anyway.
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  • I only have one child, but I plan on being dairy and soy free for third trimester and probably at least the first six weeks when we have another child.

    That being said, there is a strong history of dairy and soy intolerance in my family. My mom has a ton of food allergies including soy and casein, my brothers and I don't tolerate dairy very well, and DH was MPI as a child. All that makes me think it's pretty likely that any kids I have are probably going to have some degree of MSPI.
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  • Thanks for the input ladies. I am 36 weeks this weekend and am pretty sure I'm going dairy free on Monday. Hopefully that will be enough time before delivery to get the proteins out of my system/ breast milk. We have no known history of food allergies on either side of the family, so I am hoping DS's intolerance is not something we will be dealing with again, but I would rather not risk it. The first few weeks are hard enough without feeding issues/ allergies!
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  • All three of my kids had/has MSPI with no food allergies on either side of our families. I would start the diet as soon as you can just to make sure everything is out of your system(with your Dr.s approval)

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