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A weird iep question

So my daughter started having seizures again after them being controlled for six months. Just my luck just in time for her to start preschool next Monday. It's likely that a medication increase will solve our problem but what if it didn't? I'm guessing they would not allow a child with uncontrolled seizures in a preschool classroom, right? If she is medically unable to attend how would she receive services?
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Re: A weird iep question

  • My boys both have epilepsy and attend preschool 5 days/week.  They have never had a seizure during awake time though so it's unlikely to affect them at school at this point (though there is a 20 min. rest period).  They have specific plans in place written by their neuro in case of seizure at school.  They are both on maintenance medication and have in case of emergency meds also.  


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