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Moms in/ near Mill Creek-Which Hospital did you choose?

Hello! My husband and I are TTC and are having a tough time deciding which hospital to go to. We are looking at Providence in Everett or Evergreen in Kirkland. We are leaning towards a midwife, but are considering an OB also. Both hospitals are similar in distance to our house and work, but seeing a doc or midwife for all the appointments, choosing Providence would be much more convenient (since they have a location in Mill Creek). We don't want to base this decision on convenience alone....but it could be a factor? What did you choose?

Re: Moms in/ near Mill Creek-Which Hospital did you choose?

  • I can't speak about the two hospitals you are looking into. We r just south of Mill Creek and we used Swedish Edmonds for the birth and sound womens clinic in edmonds for the OB. We loved them both. Good luck deciding :)
  • Thank you! This information helps. We haven't looked into Overlake, but after reading this, I definitely will. If we choose a midwife, it will be in a hospital setting so I am not sure if that makes a difference or not. We have so much to learn! The more I hear, it sounds like odds are against those who go to Providence.
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  • Hands down Evergreen!  I had a great experience!

  • We are in the Bothell/Mill Creek area and chose Evergreen for both my kiddos and had great experiences each time. Now that I have delivered there twice I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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  • We are in bothell/mill creek and we delivered at Overlake. I use the group health midwives in bellevue. I love them.
  • I delivered at Providence in Everett! I would not change it for the world!! Was in labor for 27 hours before LO decided to get stuck and ended up needing a C-Section. The doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing. I personally don't know many doctors who hold a bucket for you while you are vomiting while being prepped for the c-section.
    Dr. Esther Moy delivered our DD and she is based out of the mill creek office. My OB is Dr. Eve Bernstein- she is amazing!
  • We chose Puget Sound Birth Center, but I found it interesting that even though they are right down the street from Evergreen, they send non-emergency transfers to UW hospital.

    We were going to go with Swedish Edmonds prior to going with PSBC.

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  • I live in Mill Creek and I had my baby in Evergreen. At that time I was working in Seattle, my husband in the Eastside and in case that I had to rush to the hospital the closest was Evergreen. We love it. We had our OB there, we went to all the classes, and it was great. The rooms are really good, the nurses were really nice with me, my husband and my mom. I stayed 2 days after having my baby. I have a friend that has had her two babies there with a Midwife (she went to the ones that are located in the hospital) and did hypo birthing and she told me it was great too.

  • Providence Everett is where I had my son and it was very convenient for us. I had a great experience there. My other option would be Evergreen but the drive is way farther.


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  • We just experienced a loss.  We have coped with it, but would like to let others know about our experience...

    We found out we were expecting on December 2nd.  It was our first pregnancy. We were elated!  Our first appt with a Midwife in the Providence group was December 29th.  That appointment was great.  The Midwife was patient she answered our questions, she spent almost an hour explaining everything to us.  She also told us about "Centering".  It seemed like a really great idea, my husband could be more involved in the prenatal care, we could meet other expecting parents with about the same due date.  We signed up right away.  I really think its a great program.  We never got to attend the classes, so I can't speak about how the classes actually are.  The Midwife ordered a ultrasound and blood work.  We scheduled the U/S for January 5th. And a second Midwife appointment before Centering would start. 

    The blood work was drawn that day.  Through MyChart, I got the results the next day.  Everything was normal, but I did notice there was no HCG test.  Ergo, no doubling test.

    The U/S on the 5th was even more disappointing.  The technician seemed nervous and unsure of herself.  It also seemed odd that there was a second technician in the room.  In hindsight, the technician performing the U/S was a "student" and the other technician was a "teacher".  I understand that every one needs a chance to learn and I'm ok with it.  But, I would have liked to been asked if it was ok.

    In addition to that, the "student", kept shaking her head.  It was very unsettling.  After the U/S we were quickly ushered out of the room, not told anything.  The answer the "student" gave about when would we hear results was weird.  We both felt odd about the whole situation.

    On the drive home, I got a call.  My husband met me at the hospital so we drove separately.  It was the on call Midwife.  She told me that the the pregnancy didn't take.  I was devastated  She mentioned that based on LMP, I should have been 8 weeks, but my pregnancy sac was measuring only 7 weeks.  Much of the rest of the conversation was a blur.  I do remember her mentioning we had 3 options; wait for natural termination, take medication to complete the termination, or surgical removal.  I was not offered a follow up exam.  

    My husband and I talked it over, we weren't happy with the options, we decided to get a 2nd opinion from another hospital.

    I got a call the next day to set up an appointment to go over the "options".  I told them we wanted a 2nd opinion.  I got a MyChart notification that they had canceled our 2nd Midwife appointment.

    Overall, it was very unprofessional on so many levels...

    We got our second opinion and it confirmed the initial diagnosis, but it was a night and day experience compared to the first experience.

    I would also like to make sure people understand that Providence is different than The Everett Clinic(TEC).  While TEC is in/near the Providence hospital, it is NOT Providence.  But, the two do work hand in hand.  We will not be going back to Providence.  

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    I would never delivery at overlake!!!

    we are using evergreen and the evergreen midwives are incredible. it's the only "baby freindly" hospital in the country!
  • Delivered at Overlake and had a great experience!
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    Women's and children's pavilion in everett. I'm seeing my doc at the mill creek location though.
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    I delivered both mine via csection at Providence and most of my friends have delivered there, some with varying degrees of complications for mom and baby. All had great experiences. We had a great experience and I would go back. I would rule out Swedish Edmonds because the NICU is level 2. Providence, Evergreen and Overlake are all level 3. That hospital also didn't have a great reputation before it was taken over by Swedish a few years ago. I know people that have delivered at Overlake and Evergreen and I've heard only good things. Don't underestimate distance to your work/home and traffic patterns. That drive to the hospital in the middle of labor felt like FOREVER and we got sent home and had to return later :) It is also nice to be able to pop in for an appointment if you are nervous or need something checked out without having to worry about driving yourself across town in rush hour or something. 

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    I would do evergreen, hands down.

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