Tailbone issue

My doc said ultimately my LO wasnt going to make it past my tailbone after 22 hrs labor and 4 hrs pushing. I would love to do a VBAC but wondering if it would be logical to get an X-ray before TTC again?
Has anyone else had their tailbone be the reason for their Csection? Thanks!

Re: Tailbone issue

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    I broke my tailbone, and it always concerned me. During my csection, my spinal didnt work, I felt literally everything on half my body. I was put under. I found out while delivering my vbac that I had scoliosis, this caused the spinal, and my epidural to not work on half my body. (Mainly due to the anesthesiologist not placing it properly for my issues.) What is the issue with your tailbone?
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    Ugh my spinal didn't work for my Csection so I feel your pain! My dr said my pelvis is more heart shaped that oval and my tail bone sticks inward, like an upside down heart. She said to be graphic when she scooped him out in racked her knuckles - yuck!
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