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Aromatherapy or essential oils, anyone?

I am not into this really but I've started doing a little research and am curious if anyone on here has tried using essential oils for any of their family's ailments/issues/concerns? Interested in positives and negatives. Note: My child has ADHD and also has a rough time falling asleep so this is what triggered my research. Thanks

Re: Aromatherapy or essential oils, anyone?

  • I have used an essential oils that helps you fall asleep...I can't remember what it was called. I think it helped a little. I wouldn't say it made a huge difference but i'm a horrible sleeper and it helped some. 
    I also recently started using tea tree oil in my sinus rinse and that seems to have have helped my sinuses.  Sadly I haven't found anything to help all my other issues! 

    My son also gets an iron supplement which has helped his ADD a lot!  His teacher last year recommended we medicate him for ADD.  Before doing that we had to do some testing b/c of some absence seizures he was having. While waiting on test results we discovered he was anemic and started the iron.  We noticed a huge improvement while on it, and when stopped his symptoms came back...so we put him back on it.  His absence seizures also went away on the iron. This year I decided not to tell his teacher he had ADD at the beginning of the year to get an unbiased opinion.  When I met with her a few months into the school year and brought it up she said she had no idea he had ADD.  We have also had coaches and team mates parents ask what we did with DS over the summer b/c he has become so much better at sports now that he can focus. Doing research after the fact I read that a lot of kids with ADD have iron deficiencies and the iron will help them.  I truly feel it has helped so much that we will be able to avoid medication.  You should have iron levels tested first though b/c too much iron can be a bad thing.  Even after months of iron my DS is still testing on the low ends of normal.  Which is weird b/c he doesn't have a bad diet, eats red meat, spinach etc.  The pediatrician ran some tests to try and find out why his iron is so low but everything was negative. 
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