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Childbirth Classes - Which ones do you recommend?

There are so many childbirth classes in the Denver area that I'm overwhelmed with options.  I'm particularly looking for one that will help prepare me for a natural childbirth.  Are there any classes that you have taken that you would or would not recommend?
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Re: Childbirth Classes - Which ones do you recommend?

  • I took the 12 week Bradley class with my DS.  I did get to 10cm and pushing without pain meds or epi, but I actually attribute that to my doula.  You get a lot of info with Bradley classes which I loved, but for me all that info and practice went right out the window when major labor started for both me and my DH.  I did end up needing a c-section for matters that were out of anyone's control.

    Next time around I will probably look into HypnoBabies (which is different than HynoBirthing, don't ask me how).  I have heard a lot of good stuff about HynoBabies from the gals at the ICAN group in Denver especially for attempting a VBAC.
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  • The hospital that you will be delivering at should have some classes too.  I would call them and ask them more about the information provided in the classes regarding natural childbirth.  You may also want to contact a doula to help guide you through the different methods.  Mama' Hood in the Highlands has a meet and great with several doulas on a regular basis.  They also offer several birthing classes and I am sure they would be happy to talk to you before you commit to a class because classes can be pretty pricey.  Good luck!
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