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Hi everyone. I have been in the nov13 board but am a first time poster here. On 11/27 I gave birth to our first child, a beautiful seemingly healthy little girl. Her newborn screen revealed elevated IRT levels - a marker for cystic fibrosis. We have undergone various other tests the last few weeks and received word yesterday she has 2 defective genes which confirms the disease. Luckily one of them is a more mild mutation so the extent of her diagnosis is not as severe. Nevertheless this is a huge shock and so hard to process. Neither DH or I knew we were carriers and cf doesn't run in either family. This is just so hard to take in as I just want her to have a perfect life and I feel so much guilt for passing this to her. I'm anxious to here from other moms about coping with a child who is ill and will require special care throughout their life.
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