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Looking for some advice and assistance with problem-solving...*Updated*

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Hi everyone-

I apologize for being a very infrequent Bump user, and I also apologize because this board probably sees so many of these "what do all you think?" posts.

I am looking for some thoughts and possible suggestions for problem-solving my 16 month old's 2 month long battle with vomiting.  For the first 6 weeks or so, the vomiting was not all that frequent - maybe once every few days and often after drinking a bottle of milk.  We eventually temporarily cut out the milk (after call to doc) and saw some improvement.  However, she has also been experiencing cold like symptoms, in varying levels, during this time.  We also reintroduced limited milk a couple of weeks ago because she was carrying on about it and thought it was safe to given that her cold-symptoms had lessened. 

I hit my wit's end last week - after an uptick in vomits that left us with a 3 vomit Friday and an increase in cold symptoms (green nose boogs, coughing, etc.).  Since the 23rd, she had vomited at least 8 times.  We went to our FP clinic, where we saw a doctor that is not our usual doctor.  He prescribed her Azithro.  The vomiting continued to be bad day 1 and day 2 of the antibiotic, but since day 3 is now down to just once a day.  After one vomit a day on day 3 and 4, I called our regular FP doctor who suggested just provide clear fluids for a couple of days, citing the vomiting may be related to the antibiotic.  Day 5, today, there was another significant vomit - like her oatmeal raisins from breakfast came up with her dinner. 

She has lost a pound since her 15 month well child check, and I am growing more and more concerned about the acid of the vomit, her not receiving the nutrition her growing little body needs, etc. 

So, congratulations if you just go through my mini-novel.  I guess my next question (and I will not be able to even put words to my appreciation for your input) is what is next?  I plan to call the doctor Friday if there is another vomit tomorrow (Thursday).  I love, love, love our doctor, but I am not feeling as though she really has a specific direction as far as problem-solving.  I just want to be able to best advocate for my daughter.  Do I exercise some patience and wait for the Azithro to run its full course?  Do I insist on allergy testing - if so what specifically should we be looking at (both dairy and gluten have been mentioned)?  Could it possibly be something else? 

I am feeling tremendous guilt that I have chalked up her vomiting to other things over these last couple of months, but upon review of her food journal, she does not always vomit after a bottle or other specific food item (tonight it was while eating leftover pizza for dinner...yesterday it was mac and cheese....the day before it was after she had barely tasted some greek yogurt....once it was after mandarin oranges).  Other allergy/intolerance symptoms are not present, including diarrhea, wheezing, hives, etc.  She does have some very (and I mean very) limited eczema on her back and facial cheeks.

Thanks to each person that reads this.  I am just hoping you all my have some wisdom to share to help me problem-solve this for my little squawkerpants. 

Happy New Year!

Re: Looking for some advice and assistance with problem-solving...*Updated*

  • Oh, Starbuck - thank you!!!

    I do think there was an infection present, and she responded well to the meds.  Lots of green boogers and a cough.  She had cold symptoms for over a month (and in the mean time, I experienced 2 bouts and my husband one).  However, I am now thinking that the cold was a secondary issue, especially since she is still vomiting.  I do admit I probably influenced the doctor's diagnosis.  However, when we first started dealing with the vomiting, it was always preceded with a few mucus-y hacks.  So, I just assumed it was some sort of post-nasal drip issue.  Couple that with a head cold myself, her green mucus and such, I just assumed/hoped it was all related to a virus turned infection that she never shook.

    We have not fed her much soy.  My husband is slightly allergic to soy, and I have a really good friend that is extremely allergic to many soy products.  Being a ranch kid raised on milk straight from the udder, I have been so stupidly somewhat resistant to exploring food allergies further.  Simply because as so many on this board know....they are so life-altering.  I have just, instead, clung to the hope that she would get better...and chalked the symptoms up to viruses, teething, over-eating, etc. I think I have pretty much ruled-out everything I feel like would not need further medical exploration.

    Thank you again for your reply.

  • Ditto the gastro referral. Have they ever considered reflux? The only I ask is b/c on top of food allergies both of my kids had reflux, DS worse than DD. He would throw up entire bottles on an almost daily basis. The pedi finally prescribed Axid and Prevacid and it seemed to do the trick. Either way, trust your mommy gut. If you feel something else is going on, push for another opinion. Unfortunately as a first time mom I let my pedi dismiss my concerns and my DD suffered unnecessarily for the first 9 mo of her life.
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  • Okay.  So a gastro referral is where I go next.  That is exactly what I needed - to know what to push/advocate for with our FP doctor. 

    I have considered that it may be reflux related as well, LSU.  So, thank you for that suggestion.  I will follow-up again with our doctor about that; the doctor (not our usual) working Saturday negated the reflux in consideration of a gluten sensitivity/intolerance/allergy.  I definitely think that the reflux should be ruled-out more thoroughly.

    Thanks again for the advice on pursuing an appointment with a gastro.  I feel way better knowing where to head next.
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    So...we went to our GP after I called freakin' out after another 3 vom-day and demanding a referral to a gastro.  Our daughter was put on Zantac, and we were advised to continue only clear fluids (but regular diet outside of that).  Day 1 of Zantac:  she was back to her old self (I don't really attribute this to the Zantac given she only had one dose....more likely contributed to the previously given antibiotic). I could not believe how much better she was toddling around, talking, laughing, playing with her toys, etc.  It amazed me just how long she must have been sick because it had definitely been awhile since we saw her so happy and engaged.

    However, she avoided anything dairy offered to her that day, but later in the evening, she indicated she wanted some Chobani in the fridge.  As I fed her maybe 6 bites of the yogurt, all I could think in my head was what our GP had said previously: don't ever force feed a child - if they will not eat something, it may be because of an allergy.  Six or so bites in (and what I would describe as hesitant eating) and she vom-ed up all the yogurt.  So, now we have mostly taken dairy out of her diet. 

    She is now eating a fairly regular diet with soy yogurt and Pedialyte.  She did successfully eat most of a grilled cheese tonight made with American (non-dairy/oil-based) cheese.  Oh, and she has not vomited in 2 days.

    I am hoping to reintroduce milk in a few days, but I am going to attempt goat's milk first.  If she reacts to that poorly, I will just utilize another dairy alternative like soy. 

    Apparently, living in a rural state like I do, it is difficult to get into a pediatric gastro (don't even get me started on how dang hard it is to find milk-alternative yogurts and cheeses :).  So, I am going to hold off on that for now....if things continue to improve.  Thank you to each of you that responded.  I was about to lose my mind, and your comments helped so much.  Now....if anyone has advice on how to rid us of the bottle :)....
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