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Homemade Toothpaste... Peppermint Essential Oil?

I've been seeing conflicting suggestions in regards to peppermint essential oil and I just made a batch of homemade toothpaste, using 20 drops of peppermint EO.
Does anyone know if this will cause issues or should it be fine?
I'm 18 weeks pregnant and all seems to be going well... Please help! (Thanks)

Re: Homemade Toothpaste... Peppermint Essential Oil?

  • We use organic turmeric powder. Sprinkle some in you hand, lick it up with your tongue, make it a paste with saliva and brush. It has great.benefits, look it up
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  • I don't know I was given straight peppermint oil for my morning sickness my first pregnancy and it was ok.  This last time I was told no peppermint not sure if it is a new recommendation or not as it was recommended by the midwife the first time.  Also 20 drops in a batch should not be to concentrated.
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  • As long as it is pure therapeutic grade you should be fine, what brand is it? Some nursing moms have issues with milk supply using peppermint oil, so watch out for that!
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  • I don't know about ingesting essential oils, especially white pregnant. How big is the batch? 20 drops is relative as to how big your batch is. What are the benefits of it actually cleaning your teeth? Or is it just for fragrance?
    If you really want homemade, why not just try straight up baking soda and a squeeze of lemon juice?

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  • It depends what brand of oil it is. Not all oils are meant to be ingested. I use Young Living Oils and they are safe to be ingested even when pregnant. PM if you have any questions. 
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