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Anyone Have A Man Cave?

I changed homes recently and want to begin on a man cave.  Does anyone already have one?  Any pictures.  Does parenting a young child get in the way of the upkeep?

Re: Anyone Have A Man Cave?

  • My "man cave" is where my clothes, books, and paperwork live.  I do have a TV in the room but I don't spend a lot of time in there or even keep it up that much.

    Having a child and a laptop where I can do most of my gaming, I usually am just in my recliner with the family.
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  • When I moved in with my wife, I had (and still do) a large DVD and CD collection.  We took the downstairs guest bedroom and turned it into my media library.  Right now in there I have some signed Kevin Smith movie posters and 8 foot tall bookcases for the movies and CDs.  I don't have a TV in there, or really anywhere to sit yet, but it is as close to a man cave as I have currently.
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  • I have a dope man cave complete with the works.  HD, PS3, my framed CC Sabathia from his complete game win on the final day of the 2008 season ( my most prized possession), bobblehead collection, tread mill, adjoining guest room with a bed, and surround sound.  I spend at least two hours a day down there.  The only place I feel comfortable watching a Packer game is in this room.  The theme of the room is Brwewers/Packers

    In the last three months more and more of my son's toys are appearing in the man cave. I am fine with that, because it is now his space too.  In the last few weeks he has been into watching me play GTA 5, and insrtead of watching the display alone, he goes back and forth between the  display and my controller.  Won't be too long before I can trash talk my son while we play vids, and that will be one of the most awesome things in the world.

    I am not gender exclusive with my man cave.  I do allow my wife to enjoy it as well.  I am starting to train her to play vids so she can share in that with the kids as well. She has a long way to go.  I keep saying, "gentle, gentle  light taps, light taps..." with the way she holds the controller.

    Here is the image that is on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the morning after the Brewers clinched their first playoff appearance in 26 years on the final day of the season.  Have it signed and framed on my bobblehead shelf.image


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  • Yeah I have a man cave.  TV, game consoles and 3 beer taps.  I have my various Buckeye, Bearcat, Reds and Browns paraphernalia.  I had a foosball table but that has been relocated to the garage which will slowly become the man cave.  I have my brewing equipment there and the current room will gradually transition to a play room for the boy.

  • Nice.  What kind of Buckeyes stuff do you have?
  • I wish I had a man cave :-(
  • @DarthCuticle I have some pennants from 1960s football championships that were my grandfathers.  I also have some more recent little things but those are my big ones.

  • My man cave is my basement right now. Working on a brewery down there at the moment!
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    @g0nnabeadad Nice!  Indoors so I assume electric brewery?  That's what I have in my garage right now.

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