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You can't win

This is just an internal vent.

Our family members, whom we love and appreciate, bought DS2 tons of trains and cars for Christmas, and I watched with dismay as he stimmed all morning with the wheels.

My best friend, whom I love and appreciate, bought DS2 fidget toys that are high on a list of good toys for kids with ASD (she's a special Ed teacher), and I opened them with dismay when I recognized them.
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Re: You can't win

  • I think I may have been upset that DS got a remote control monster truck from my MIL for 6 and up and DS is only 4! DS already saw it and kept saying the truck was his.

    We tried to return it to Walmart only to find out they will not take it because they did not sell it there!

    DH's family never bothers to read the age on the toys.

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