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Losing weight before getting pregnant

I do worry a bit about losing the weight after pregnancy, I think a lot of us do.

So in an attempt to make the process easier, I lost 15 lbs recently by joining weight watchers. I am 5'4", and went from 137 to 121. My BMI is 20.8, which from what I read, is in the zone for BMI and pregnancy. This could all be for nothing though since I am not yet pregnant! Has anyone else here had a successful experience with losing weight prior to pregnancy, and then taking it off?

Re: Losing weight before getting pregnant

  • I gained 70 pounds with my pregnancy.  (at least) It did not come off by itself in the least.  It took me 18 months and I did ww starting 2 months after she was born.  I did ww for 4 months but due to other issues stopped it for several months and started again about a year after the first attempt.  I could have gotten more weight off had i not stopped it and it would have taken less than 18 months.  it was very important for me to lose the weight before getting pregnant again as i had complications and i knew holding onto the extra weight would just be an added risk factor.  Hope that helps
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