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As God willed. A natural birth with a whole lot of love.

March 22, 2013 at 39 weeks, I had my first contraction wake me up at 5am (just in time for prayer). I thought It was just a terrible cramp because I had never felt this before. But after 10 min I felt it again. I wasn't aware that I could be going into labor until about the 5th one when it became painful. So, I told my husband and after prayer I called the 24 hour nurse. She said "when you cant talk through them and they are about 3-5 min apart then that is when you should come in"

It was already hard for me to talk and I thought "they get worse than this?" Yikes! Long story short, I was a very angry labour. I was yelling and kicking walls while squeezing a sock (i was laying down because I couldn't walk). The pain was so intense that I threw up about 10 times before we left to

Finally around 10 am my husband decided we should leave because the birthing center is about 40 min away and labor was moving quick. We jump on the highway and the drive is a blur to me. We arive and get in the room within minutes! The monitor was placed on my belly and showed how frequent and intense the contractions were. I was checked about 30 min later and was told...

"9 cm, this baby is ready to come". I had a back labor so it became unbearable to labor while on my back so I was on my knees against the back of the hospital bed. My husband talked to me softly, put pressure on my back (which helped a bit) and reminded me to breath. Then I felt something change dramatically! I let out a loud grunt as if I was about to throw up and I started to push because of the great amount of pressure in my YOUWHO!

Thats when the midwife and nurse ran to my bed and we began delivering my King. My water hadnt popped yet and I would have refused to let the midwife do it because of the potential risks. So I pushed about 5 times and the water popped. 2 more times and baby Mo is here.

Once I saw him I cried uncontrollably. I couldn't believe he was in me and now he is all mine. I loved him right away. I couldn't let him go!

We didn't cut the cord right away (we waited for it to stop pulsing). I delivered the placenta first (without any problem) then after we were sure our baby had all of his well deserved blood, (lol) than hubby snipped it. Doc delivered good news "no tear"... YAYYYY I cried, "those perennial massages paid off".

Hubby and i are organic, natural, God fearing health freaks. We didnt wash the wax stuff off of baby boy because it is full of Vitamin K. We didnt get him shots (so they denyed us the advantage of circumcision).

Daddy took him to be weighed and read out loud "5lb11oz". I was sure he was bigger by the way he kicked me night and day but as God willed, he is perfect!
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Re: As God willed. A natural birth with a whole lot of love.

  • congratulations on your baby and the no tear part! I'd love to hear "no tears" at my delivery
    God Bless You my Little One
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  • Sweet :D
    I have just started week 39... sometimes i'm just fine and not scared (rather excited), but other times it feels real.. like gosh.. it's gonna be THAT painful..

    Anyway, I still don't know if it will all go fine and I will have natural birth... I really pray for that and I just pray i won't need to be induced nor need a surgery.. as the time passes by, the idea of (oh no, nothing is happening!)

    Eekh.. chills :D
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  • I didn't have any tears either! Congrats :) Such a great story :)

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