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Bedtime with a late nap?

Hi all,

DD1 goes to a daycare center that has a 2-4pm naptime for all toddlers. We love everything about the place except that. It's SUCH a late naptime that DD typically can't fall asleep until 9pm, meaning she won't wake up on her own (unless we wake her) until well after 8am.

We are thinking of transitioning her to a big bed, so I was just curious... if your DC take a "later" nap, what is his/her bedtime? I'm tempted to try the strict 8pm bedtime, but I don't want her to lay awake for an hour in her bed if she is genuinely not tired, and though I don't like the late bedtime, it does give me an extra hour with her at night since I work until 5pm.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Bedtime with a late nap?

  • Mine go to bed between 7-8 no matter when they nap. Sometimes, my almost 3 year old wakes up from nap at 5, then goes down at 7. It doesn't seem to make a huge difference. I'm not a fan of the strict bedtime (we kind of do what works for the day) but they get ready for bed sometime between 7 and 8 most nights. I don't think they always fall asleep right away, but it doesn't matter - they relax and have some alone time.
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  • My daughter naps from 3-4 most days (some days she doesn't go down till 3). She goes to bed around 9:30.
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  • My DS wakes up from his nap at daycare about 3:30. He generally falls asleep around 9 sometimes 9:30. We are okay with it for the most part bc like pp said, more time with LO but sometimes I do have to wake him up in the morning and whip him out of the house and sometimes I wish I had some time with my DH at night. I know that eventually it will all change as they get older. I will ride it out.
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  • DS naps from 1-3 or 4 and is in bed by 7. Some days he is asleep almost before we close the door, and other days he sings for a little while and is asleep before 7:30. We follow a strict bedtime because he thrives on routine. He's an early riser, up around 6.
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