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miserable looking for high risk obgyn

i have too many conditions.
must take my insurance.
can't be too inconvenient.
nice doctors.
short waits.
good education (can't believe how many prior recommendations include docs coming from mediocre schools).
small practice -- i'm open to one doctor.
good hospital (i had a bad beth israel experience and won't go there).
nyu preferred but lenox hill or even others could be good.

i tried to get in at downtown women and spring and neither is taking new patients with my due date (august).

i'm just miserable.
i could go back to roshan but i've waited hours at his office and neither he nor his staff are nice. dr jaffe is a prince but not worth waiting hours for.

i know i'm a pain but if you have any suggestions i'd be happy to research them.
i'm overwhelmed with this.

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